First page

While i write this the storm is above me for last half of a day, without any source that could take away boredom of waiting under the bloody rock of the ruin till the flood of the sky passes i use this old journal of someone who is very mopey about the woman he loved, then he cheated on her cause he was drunk (like that never happened to me), wich made him take next caravan to nowhere to escape the womans husband. As if life can be more complicated, firstly why he did take caravan and secondly why he writes two pages of journal and then looses it or toss it away so i can find and laugh at it?

Well it was a good laugh. He seems not to understand what man is? Take responsibility ol' chap, man up and face the husband like i did.

That was a story deserving to be written.

Bree women, somewhat reserved you would think, or it is my charm of a tomboy? I lifted few skirts, faced few husbands that were quite ashamed a raggedy woman can please his wife better? What a laugh, sometimes i had fun with both, do they feel compelled when this Eglain without any boundaries comes to them? Do they feel their hedge of Bree is too tall to enjoy the life while we can? Some do and I enjoy them too in return.

Well is if someone will read this crap later, when i toss this journal or loose it while rotting in some deepths of ruins or massacred by goblins? Will they laugh? I hope so.


Lesson one.

Dont drink alone


Lesson two 

Dont drink forsaken ale at all (is made from swamp water I bet)


I am out of lessons, it seems, what heritage i can give to anyone i ask myself. Lessons of drinking? Skirts and pants hunting?

Dreary me this rain is not stopping.


And this quill is dull, need to sharpen it.


I can see why people love to write journals.


If you want to cook a squirrel be carefull of the guts, small but smelly, ruins appetite. I forgot to clean it properly or i was a bit drunk, haps both. So i am eating boney squirrel and writing this.

- drop of fat can be seen on paper -


Two days ago i set off the Ost Guruth, with coin, heading to Bree. But no.. i saw this place and had to nose about it. Ruin just like ruin, Cardolan though, can be good stuff in it. But there was no, probably Rustwick clan cleaned it out.


What will happen when we clean all ruins? Should i look more to other places, lately the catch is weak, coin even weaker and there was no good stuff or months.


Ostwick, my uncle, bless his cat, mentioned me a barrow east of Bree he once went to. Perhaps i will use this chance as i go to Bree for supplies for my family, and nose about the barrows. Perhaps I find something that could bring us more coin. 

Too many hungry mouths to feed and too little able ones to do it.

Will we die out as Forthforn clan that simply went to north and settled near rangers in green lands? We are not farmers! How could i grow turnip all of sudden? or..even worse be at home all year?


Rain is slowing down and I see the light of a noon at northern horizon. 

Time to go.