Sights to see - Ost Guruth

"To the east of Bree-land lies a largely barren and uninhabited stretch of wilderness known as the Lone-lands. Usually the only life seen in these lands are scattered birds and wildlife. On rare occasions a traveller upon the Great East Road may be spied. Hidden among the ruins of the ancient fortresses there can be found the Eglain. These are descendants of an ancient people who have forsaken the towns and cities of "civilized" folk and choose to live as free men in the wild. They scavenge trinkets and relics from the remnants of Arnor to trade for the necessities of life.
"The Eglain are wanderers, but they will sometimes stop and make a temporary home in one set of ruins or another, which they call their Ruin-hold. The current Ruin-hold lies far beyond Bree, just off the Great East Road, amid the ruins of the once-great fortress of Ost Guruth. Once a castle belonging to the kingdom of Rhudaur, it fell long ago in the wars between that realm and Arthedain. One tower still remains intact, however, and serves as the home of Aric the Stone-speaker - when he is not abroad in the swamps, seeking ancient lore.