Page three

Bree, that stone crusted place, there you cant hear your hearts beat, its so loud. Vic the stray mutt that started to follow me proved as companion. He brought the pheasant I caught today at the edge of the marsh south of the Bree. I scouted around the sour entrance to the barrows where large stones stand after the meal, seeming as entrance i wouldnt take, or risk to take. Perhaps I better see the other way in?


I need some map of that valley, I could talk with scholars, they owe me a favor or two anyway.


I have met my friend Rahvic day ago or so, he seems well, not in his best after all he was through. Brigands he said, they got bold of late.


He is good lad, for a southerner. How one can say I leave my lands and go to the road, and then settle in hedge-walled town?

I will never understand that.