Waelden, son of Eldewine

Name Waelden
Formerly a sperewigend and personal guard; now more of a warden of carts and wagons upon the roads, and an aspiring trader.
Middle-aged, close to the 50th mark.
Rohan; commonly seen in Bancross, Edoras, Floodwend and Snowbourne.
Outward Appearance

You lay eyes upon a sturdy, middle-aged man. He is of strong, well-trained build and seems to be quite agile for his advanced age, but the passing of time is clearly visible. The once long and blonde hair is now visibly thinning out upon his head, and it's more gray than blonde, though a number of golden strands may still be visible. There are wrinkles here and there that mar his features, and a couple of healed scars on his face witness of battles and hard times in the past. The heavy accent of a rohir lingers in the air when he speaks westron, but he is still soft-spoken and gentle in his manners.

This is clearly a true man of the Mark.

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Points of interest in his personal life:

- Waelden is the only surviving son of Eldewine and Fyrewyn of Faldham, whom are both deceased since many years.

- As a young rider who trained hard under his father's watchful eyes, he soon rose to become a respected sperewigend amongst the Elfward. He proved his worth in battle many times over, and he served the lords of Faldham in their campaigns in the Norcrofts and beyond for many years, proudly wearing the mark of the Elfwards. Eldewine had by that time struck a deal with his long-time friend Ehteris Tiubar, a man of lordly stature, and went to Floodwend to stand by his side. When Ehteris passed, he continued serving his son Ehris.

- A fate like many others awaited brave and honorable Eldewine, and when he met his untimely end in the northern reaches of Rohan, the time thus came for Waelden to heed the call and fulfill the oath in his father's place. Waelden has ever since lived in Floodwend and serving as the personal guard and all-around handyman of the Tiubar family. He will remain as such until his death, or until the agreement is broken. Such is the power and price of oaths, commitment and honor that echo through the generations. However, he is usually free to pursue his own goals and ambitions as he sees fit, and especially now when the elderly lord Tiubar is retired from active campaigning and mostly spends his days at home. In recent years Waelden is tasked with leading and guarding the trading wagons that go from Floodwend across the Mark, often to Snowbourn and Edoras, and occasionally other towns. This has made him well acquainted with many taverns and their patrons along the way.

- Waelden is a widower. He married his teenage love Eda when they were both of age, and they stayed together as life-partners until the day of her death. A cruel sickness and fever had taken a grave hold of her, and she eventually passed away on a warm summer's morning some years ago. Together they have a teenage daughter, Ethel, who is Waelden's greatest joy in life and the reason he carries on.

- Waelden has now moved himself and his daughter to Edoras, for many a benefit to both his family and lord Tiubar alike. Above all he wants to give Ethel the space and opportunity to grow into the woman she's destined to be. Also to have a close man near the capital and the centre of trade does indeed give plenty of opportunity for lord Tiubar and Floodwend as well, and he will continue travelling the trade routes together with the merchants, from Edoras to Floodwend and any other town. Occasionally even Ethel might join him, since she's old enough to see more of the world now. Waelden and Ethel are now living together with Yllfa on her farm, since they have all grown very close. There they seek to build a home, a life, and a family together.

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The Tiubar family, and any good-hearted rohirrim. Brynleigh and Duncadda in particular, and he has grown close to Yllfa.
A daughter, Ethel, near thirteen years of age. He has no living siblings, and his parents and wife are deceased.
All those who serve the darkness, and that which threaten his family.
Yllfa and his daughter Ethel; good food and drink in even better company; tales and songs of old and new, and all that is true and good in the world.
To fulfill his oath and duty, and to make certain his daughter will grow up in a better world where she can become whatever she wants.

Waelden's Adventures

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Waelden's Adventures

Waelden's Gallery

Waelden's Gallery