Gamferth, son of Gamhelm

Name Gamferth
His farm in the homesteads near Edoras
Outward Appearance

His blonde hair and beard are starting to get some gray hues, and his skin some creases and wrinkles due to his age, but otherwise he looks as strong and vital as a man in his prime. His demeanor is naturally serious, though it is not too uncommon to see a slight smile on his face every now and then and a glint in his sparkling blue eyes.


Gamferth was born in Snowbourn to a family of farmers. As the only child, his duty from a very early age was to help his father and mother tending the crops and to occasionally give a helping hand to his blacksmith uncle. The very physical everyday toil made him grow into a tall and muscular fellow, much like most of his countrymen.

Gamferth's early life and adolescence were mostly nothing unlike those of his peers. He was working the fields and smithy, learning to ride and tend to the horses, practicing swordplay. But there was however one thing that made him stand out in a way and that was his curiosity about the written word. After a certain scribe taught him to read as a young lad, he would devour all the dusty books and tomes he could get his hands on, learning of distant lands and peoples in the far away Eriador and of wars long since waged.

Alas, his dreams of travelling to and from the various distant lands weren't to be realized until much later in his years. After gaining some fame leading his own band of Riders, Gamferth gave away his position as Captain and was given leave to pursue his dream of wandering the world.

After spending a year away from Rohan and living at his farm with his mother until her passing of old age, Gamferth sought a new beginning for himself near Edoras.

He has quite a few friends in Snowbourn. Brynleigh became one of his dearest friends after they shared an adventure together.
All of his relatives have passed away.
Anything and anyone that threatens Rohan.
Rohan, honesty, ale, fighting Orcs.
Dishonesty, anything that threatens Rohan, getting older.
Protecting Rohan, peace for Middle-earth and its Peoples.

Gamferth's Adventures

Gamferth's Adventures

Gamferth's Gallery

Gamferth's Gallery