Eldryc of Mirkwood

Name Eldryc
Man-at-Arms, Trapper, Forester
Outward Appearance


          His long uncombed hair falls into his face, with two crystalline blue eyes peering out from underneath. His facial hair is trimmed short and bristly, except for when he’s forced to go long periods without grooming, in which case it grows to look more like patchy straw. His nose is aquiline, and protrudes awkwardly from his narrow face.


          He wears a white undershirt beneath a brown tunic and a green cloak that looks to have been made with Elven inspiration. While traveling he wears gloves and shin-high boots fashioned from rugged leather.


          In battle, he wields a one-handed sword and buckler. The sword is of cast-steel, and the shield is maple wood with iron fittings. He’s also fond of his yew shortbow, and carries a quiver of arrows over his right shoulder.



                Eldryc was born in the year 2995 of the Third Age. His kin were the Woodmen of Mirkwood, and they dwelled on the eaves of the forest, near to Hultvís. His family were trappers, and made a living by trading furs to the nearby Men of the Dale-lands and the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and the Iron Hills. His family knew some secrets of the trade, and were successful and well-off because of it. There was always plenty of food to go around.

                When he was very young, Eldryc wandered off into the forest while playing with his younger sister, and was unable to find his way out. He was lost in Mirkwood for two days, being tormented by foul creatures and terrible beasts. He was found in the morning of the third day by the wardens of Eryn Lasgalen, and one of the Elves aided him, and returned him safely to his parents.

                Years later, when the War of the Ring quickly approached, the Vales of the Anduin became much more perilous, and many among his people were beset by orcs and the evils of the forest. Eldryc’s parents chose to abandon their home, and travel to the Dale-lands. There they would be protected by King Brand and his soldiers, so they believed.

                The family was forced to conform to the busy life-style of the city, and sacrifice their old ways because of it. Eldryc’s father became a hired-hand at a grain mill, and his mother found work aiding the local physician. The family found it difficult to get by, as these professions didn’t make nearly as much coin as their foresting trade.

                To make up for this. Eldryc began working for one of the Dwarf Caravans from Erebor. The Dwarves taught him to defend himself from orcs and highwaymen, and he traveled to all sorts of different places.

                Recently, the caravan has been disbanded, as the roads have become too dangerous as of late, and merchants dare not risk the journey. Eldryc has since found a home in Bree-land, making coin as a mercenary and selling game and pelts to local tradesmen of Bree-town.

Gaildrin, DinengelAlromir, Alcaron, Eldryc

Discord: Brobot06#8729

He's acquainted with many of the members of the Black Steel Company, Eliandre, Tiverton and Caithryth to name a few.
His Mother and Father, and a Sister.
None as of yet.
His family, sunshine, the early morning dew on the grass, and the occasional beer. He also enjoys collecting little trinkets from places he travels to.
Not much. People who mean harm to his friends and family. He’s also claustrophobic.
To make coin for his family, and to explore new places.

Eldryc's Adventures

Eldryc's Adventures

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