A Season of Hunger

The celebration of Midsummer was graced by fair weather without a cloud in the sky for weeks, promising a party of special magnificence and delivering on that promise in abundance. Now that the last of the wine has been poured and the last shimmering fireworks have heralded the end of Midsummer, the consequences of those weeks of cloudless weather are setting in and the people of Bree-land face a sobering reality on the morning after their revelries. It is obvious to all that without significant rainfall, Bree will soon be facing A Season of Hunger.

August 9th, 2021
12/7/2021 through 9/8/2021
Bree-Land and nearby regions

Event details:


A Season of Hunger is an environmental backdrop in Bree-land illustrating the impact of severe drought leading into famine. This is a benefit fundraiser for Action Against Hunger, a four-star international relief organisation focusing on famine relief and prevention.

The campaign will largely consist of daily narrated updates regarding the worsening conditions in Bree-land. This event is a community-wide seasonal fundraising campaign. It is open to everyone. It takes place simultaneously on both Laurelin and Landroval, but requires participation only on one server. All players decide their own level of involvement and regular, daily participation is not required. There is no central point of action or set schedule. (Note - News updates will sometimes indicate daily area focus prompts to improve the chances of player encounters.)


OOC details:

The following guidelines are suggested for those who choose to participate:

1. Enter actionagainsthunger.org at the bottom of your biography.
2. Turn OFF your weather effects. (At least when in Bree)
3. Turn ON the Regional and RP channels in your chat filters.
4. Join our in-game chat channel /joinchannel aseasonofhunger
5. Hungry people don't run during heat waves. (In town, at least.)
6. If possible, please make a donation. No donation is required to participate.


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