Egfor "Stag"

Name Egfor
Middle aged
Outward Appearance

Egfor is a rather tall and broad man, towering over most Bree-landers (6'5"). He has the build of a longbow archer. The man sports a full, golden beard and hair that falls down to a hands width below his collar bone when let down. His blue eyes carry a gentle, jovial look at most times, very seldom are they angry or sad. 
Some, if not most would describe him as loud an obnoxious and quite brazen. He does his best to mind his manners around the elderly, women and children of course. He isn't shy and won't hesitate to approach new people. He is a notorious jokester and flirt. There are rumours that float around this man that he enchants and whisks away young men to be his lovers hidden away in the woods.
He dresses rather plainly, in simple clothes, leathers and furs. He wears mostly earth tones and often in a Rohirric style of clothing. He seldom wears armour, but when he does, it is just simple leathers and chain mail and sometimes a steel helm with a horse hair crest. He always carries a large hunting knife on his hip, and often carries either a hatchet or a Rohirric style longsword with horses engraved on the hilt.


Egfor led a rather uneventful life; He is the youngest, having four sisters ahead of him. They all got along rather well. The girls had helped raise Egfor and in turn, he helped look after their children, being described as a kind and caring uncle to his nieces and nephews.
His family had always been farmers, mostly growing wheat, corn and a few other small crops and raising cattle and horses.

It came to no surprise to his family when he announced that he had fallen in love with his childhood friend nicknamed Wolf, the two lads were always inseparable. Egfor carried on farming into adulthood, and Wolf became a farrier.

War came to the Mark and a muster was called for men to ride for the Hornburg. Both Wolf and Egfor went. Wolf perished in the battle, but Egfor lived on. Devastated by the loss, Egfor fled Rohan, ignoring the muster to ride South to aid Gondor. He had enough of war and loss.

He travelled North and ended up in a quaint place called Bree-Town...

He has a few, including Alralas, Gheomaer, Dalbran, Drycwyn and Sairona to name a few
Alcohol, hunting, practicing with his weapons, riding his horse, men.
Orcs and anyone allied with them. Ignorance, lack of alcohol, bigotry and bullies, defilers of the land, nightmares.
Finding himself and building a new identity

Egfor's Adventures

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Egfor's Adventures

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Egfor's Gallery