Skirmish at The Stag

Leather creaked and armour clanked as the men and women wait with weapons poised and breath held. Their racing hearts far surpassed the ominous thrum of the orcish drums that heralded incoming doom. Egfor felt the sweat running in rivers down his body and face, yet he dared not remove any layers of his armour.

A distinct memory flashed through his mind, though in the past it was rain running down his body and he was standing on a stone wall. Egfor's eyes fell on the back of his husband, Dem. His heart ached and hurt that they had to draw steel and arrow to defend his land; no, THEIR land. This was as much Dem's home as it was Egfor's.

Egfor did buy the land and help build and restore the farm and Inn with his own two hands and all his lifes savings, but with Dem and their children, they turned it into a home. He would defend it to his dying breath.

Everyone tensed up hearing a crash of bushes and snapping of undergrowth. If Egfor was properly soothsaying, he would be drumming his own beat, however his bow was needed, so he improvised and use the orc's drums. He closed his eyes momentarily and focused on the beat, starting to sing and chant as he opened his eyes. He lifted his voice in the harsher, more gutteral chants of war, intended to ignite fighting spirits and bolster courage.

His bow and voice raised in unison, letting loose his first arrow, a small volley joining his lone lead and taking out some orcs. The orcs crumpled to the ground, their black ichor staining the parched land.

Steel glinted in the fading remains of the last of the sun's rays as the orcs fell upon the warriors. Egfor saw an orc charge at Dem from behind. Egfor's voice does not falter in the chanting as he fells the orc. He and Dem lock eyes briefly on the battlefield. Egfor stayed at his post till he exhausted his arrow supply.

He cast his bow aside and grabbed his sword and shield. With a mighty and feral roar, Egfor ceased his chanting and waded into the battle. A searing agony on his left sight knocked the wind out of him and blinded him for a moment, a pain that was not his. He gained his vision back just in time to block an attack with his shield, pain jolting through his arm that be broke nearly a year ago. Egfor snarled and cut the offending orc down, fighting to stand at Dem's side, guarding his back.