Men of the Mark: The Shield Wall

(Re-uploaded due to removal by the LA team. I have added IC elements and shortened the OOC section to the bare minimum of information required to state the crafting process of the shields and provide sources, since I, the player of Waelden, retain all copyrights.)


- "Is it true what they say about us, about the rohirrim, father?"

- "Aye, my son, that is true indeed, and rarely have there been a more hardy country of steadfast men and women. For we, the Men of the Mark live our lives worthy of song, and we fight with the honor worthy of legend. Ah, my boy! Look upon the riders there; how their chainmail glitter like silver, how their helms are plumed with long, white horsehair; hear the thunder of hooves as they gallop across the fields! They ride to feel the wind caress their face, and they ride for our King and for the land that we earned in ages past, and the band of brothers hold together like family. Brothers in arms, sisters in kin, sons and daughters - family can mean many things. And often as they dismount and fight on foot, the warriors of Rohan would form a grand shield wall to protect their kin and themselves. A shield wall that would glow of gold and green and silver and many other colors, and often painted with white horses or golden suns; the ancient symbols of our forebears. An impenetrable fortress they create with their own bodies and spears and shields indeed, to keep us and our lands safe at the cost of their own lives if need be, for we are all the horselords, sprung from the honor and glory of Eorl the Young, and those that followed him south. Aye, my boy, such are we, the rohirrim. We are everything the legends say, and more. One day, you too will be remembered in song."



OOC: These real life shield models are an arts and crafts project that I've been working on for some time, and gifted to the players of Men of the Mark as a token of my great appreciation for the wonderful people involved in making this kinship what it is. Together, like family, we form a grand shield wall to protect each other, and each have now received their individual shield.
From left to right; Brynleigh, Waelden, Gamferth, Yllfa, Duncadda.

The overall size of the shield is 185mm in diameter. Total height with stand is 215mm.
The shields and stands are modeled in Fusion 360, 3D-printed and hand-painted by myself.
The brass plaques were designed in V-Carve and engraved with my CNC machine.

The source is the Shield of Rohan that I created, inspired (but not directly copied) by the Weta Workshop designs in the LotR movies.

A photograph in larger resolution can be found here: Men of the Mark: The Shieldwall

All 3D-design/printing, crafting in general, artwork and photography is made by the player of Waelden who retains all copyrights.