Tales of a Rider, a Wolf and their cub

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Waelden, Yllfa, Duncadda, Brynleigh, and anyone who they call friend (or even foe, in some cases)

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Antti Martikainen - WOLFHEART

This chronicle is a means to first and foremost collect and record an overview of the events and memories of Waelden, Yllfa and Ethel, as well as any friends that cross their paths as they make their living in Rohan.

It could be memories of times long past, tales of events and happenings that affect their current lives, or any other kind of songs and tales they might care to share with their friends and acquaintances.

They have all faced hardships, horror and death in their respective lives, but fate has brought them together; and beyond any darkness they have seen, there is a bright, shining light that guides their way - the true meaning of family, not all necessarily bound by blood, but of love and care.

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