Hospitality of the Rohirrim Pt.2

Orduin splayed his hands along the old wooden doors of the Meadhall of Edoras, and pushed into the cold dawn air. His eyes looking about, yet not for long to find the chestnut haired man before him. Accompanied by a tall, muddy haired fellow, a blonde nearly rodent looking man, and a black haired young man. 

From behind him emerged Barst, Alweard, and Wrecca. Each knew what could transpire, and though Orduin was not entirely eager to deal blows with anyone outside of a true threat to his homeland, Sioltar was no small matter. The Stallion he'd had nearly fourteen winters would not be harmed if he could help it.

They made their ways hastily to the stables, the ugly company did. As if they were in a hurry to head to a petting exhibit of exotic animals. With each step did Orduin and his company find further distaste in what could come of this.

The ugly, nearly villainous in appearance chestnut haired fellow bellowed "So ye' brought an audience with ya'?" his brown eyes looking Orduin up and down. "There is f-" its almost as if he had to stop and count again "Four of us, and one of ye. Whaddya thinks gonna happen?" 

Orduin chuckled lowly and shook his head "Oh I'm making certain you don't touch my, or anyone elses horses while you're staying here." his stoic blue hues peering over the ruddy fellow with inquisitive orbs. 

The Chestnut haired Leader of the group stepped forward, unsheathing his blade before Orduin to swing to his abdomen in a downward strike. Orduins eyes caught his arm like a leaf in the wind, and side stepped. Grasping the arm firmly, before thrusting his head into the mans nose with his forehead. A sickening crunch could be heard by those in the general vicinity, and this was when the group decided to lead their assault against Orduin.

Alweard, Barst, and Wrecca stepped forward to take the three other ragged fellows on. Barst took the tall man with muddied hair and a large hammer that was rusted in steel. Alweard faced the black haired gent with a dagger so ill-kept it appeared a kitchen cutlery tool. Wrecca stood before the blonde haired man, who boasted a single woodcutters axe.

Certainly, this would be eventful.