For so long, all Amanda has wanted was to be loved, to have an actual family, a real father, a permanent home... For so long she's looked to Kristophor as a teacher, a mentor, but also her father, she's looked to Cesistya as a teacher, a friend, but also her family... 

Finally, the time came where Kristophor asked her to be his daughter legally, for her permission on his adopting her, with the help of Cesistya putting a good word in, of course.

Her wish, no... Her dream, finally came true... She finally as the father she both always needed and wanted... She doesn't have to be scared anymore, or questions racing through her mind... When will Mr. Kris be back? Will he ever just stay in Bree? Does he even really love me? 

The most important day of her life, the most important moment of her life, she experienced with two of the most important people in her life, the people that have strengthened her, encouraged her, loved her, shown her what's right from wrong.

But now she knows, while he might go away, he'll be back, because now he has an actual reason to be back, he has a family, a daughter... A daughter who loves him, and who always has no matter how horribly she showed it. 

She has her dad, Kristophor Dulock, and he has his daughter, Amanda Dulock.