Warg Hunt in the West-March

The garrison at Fréasburg have reported a wargpack menacing the farms and homesteads that supply and surround the frontier fortress. The commander of the oath-bound warband has given his word they be dealt with. The company rides out with the goal of wiping these enemies from the hills. 

OOC Event takes place at Stangard in-game, the stand-in for the Western Outpost of Fréasburg. Details pending. Contact Dytha or Thorvall in-game for more info. 

Image by Irkis on deviantart.

June 2nd, 2019
Fréasburg ((Stangard))

Event details:

Edit: The event was listed as being on the 29th, however it is indeed on June 2nd as  previously advertised.

OOC details:

Rohan RP series kicking up again! Following too many irl setbacks we're going to be moving the Isen RP series permanently to Stangard. The in-game town will serve as the stand-in for the fictional town of Fréasburg on the Western border along the Isen. This should serve as an easier travel destination and a guaranteed safe location for lower-leveled folks who have previously been fodder for evil goats while remaining in storyline alignment with the Dunland RP across the river.

The next event will be Saturday, May 25th at 3:00 Server time: Muster in Fréasburg—a chance to catch up on the series so far, some social RP, and the chance to pitch any concerns characters have (and OOCly event or plot ideas you want to see developed).

For those who are more keen on a little action—Sunday, June 2nd at 3:00 Server Time will be the Warg Hunt in the West-March. Details on combat to follow. Bring your horse; bring your spear.

Forð Eorlingas!


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