The Shadow Walkers: Returning To Gondor

After the successful attack, it was time for Ornessar and Calaerneth to return to Gondor. Katrandil, after all, was still missing, and Ornessar had to let King Elessar know of the success of the mission that was given to Nos Ornessë. A long way they took, and they travelled through Eregion, Dunland, Enedwaith, the Isenford, Rohan, and at last Anórien. It was a long journey, and it took many days for them to finally get to Minas Tirith. The journey itself was uneventful - the most important feature of it was the poem Ornessar wrote about Calaerneth, in Enedwaith, where they also visited Maur-Tulhau, a village where some very queer Halflings lived in. They also happened to meet some friendly Dunlendings and Rohirrim along the way, but the only thing that always happened was culture-exchanging and food-sharing.

The route Ornessar and Calaerneth took.

Eventually, they entered Minas Tirith. It was not much different than the last time Ornessar had been there; there was still much work to do to restore it back to its original state, but at least there was progress. When they reached the city, they went to the tavern ''The Haven'', which is located in the Craftsmen's Tier of Minas Tirith. There, they drank some cold water and red wine and ate some roasted mushrooms and a salad. They paid the inn-keeper and afterwards, they went to visit the Old Archives. They did not know how much time they spent in there, but after hours of thoroughly searching and studying many of the scrolls and books, they exited the building and they finally entered the White Tower of Ecthelion. King Elessar was waiting for them there. They had a long conversation, but the King did not give them any other quest yet. They let him know they'll be roaming Gondor for some time - so if he needed them, he'd know where to find them.

After exiting the building, they rested in the Southern Great Guesthouse for a night, and the next day they went on to search the Houses of Healing for any sign of Katrandil. They found nothing, so they had to ask Lady Ioreth if she saw her and if she was here. Lady Ioreth told them she hadn't seen any such person, nor anyone named ''Galad'', ''Katrandil'' or ''Forngarmo''. The couple looked really worried, and Ornessar deeply hoped his friend was alright, wherever she was. Nonetheless, they got ready to continue their trip in Gondor.