“Forgive me.”

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They’d travelled far in the days of their journey. Most of the road was familiar, though unlike their previous journey, they rode in haste, speaking little. 

At the Fords they had met the first sign of yrch, and these did not quail at the light of the sun. They felled them and journeyed on, but her heart was touched with foreboding.

A Dirge in Red: Eduwiges' Reflections, The Gift of a Voice

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Eduwiges of Faldham rode in through a small side gate on the massive oval wall of Minas Tirith. The detritus of battle engraved on her from helm to boots. Weariness darkened her face like a starless night weighed down by gravity. Normally graceful in her movements she clambered down off of Oenone and staggered as her legs took the weight of her body. Eduwiges stepped forward and wrapped her adrenaline weakened arms around her steed’s neck in love and gratitude.

Poem Found in a Chest Recovered in Eregion

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The parchment is written in Dwarven Cirth runes. There is no signature, seal, or other identifying mark of the author.

sky to peak
peak to pass
pass to snow
winter's wrath
many wailing
many fleeing
pass to plains
rivers go dry
no rest in the south
dwarf door closes
knowledge opens
where is the key?
treasure is danger


A test of spear, or wisdom?

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Nandutiriel did not need to keep watch over her sleeping comrades -- not even the gentle ones, híril Norliriel and the mysterious Elloen -- for plenty of sentinels with bows, even at night, peered down hawkishly and roamed the stones of Echad Mirobel.

Yet she could no more have rested than she could have flapped her arms and flown like Elloen's beautiful white eagle. Her mind was awhirl.

Letter Attached to an Eagle

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Scrawled in haste on a scrap of paper, tied to the leg of a white eagle belonging to Elloen

Captain Himwen:

We waited for you at Gwingris and Echad Eregion, but have proceeded to Mirobel. We helped Elloen. He seems improved.

Reliable intel from the locals at Mirobel says there is a big, old Orc among those who occupy Barad Morlas, who carries the insignia of the team that assassinated both Celebrimbor and Elloen's parents. Will explain in full when I next see you.

Secret Wound


His eagle and Lady Manadhlaer had made Elloen to realize that he needed to escape the starker colours of his past no more, and so he joined Lady Himwen and her wardens on the way to the ruins that used to be his home. What secrets does the journey uncover?

Letter To Lord Anglachelm

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Greetings my Lord Anglachelm,

I would like you to know that we wish to take a journey to Eregion for a few reasons for what has transpired in the past few days. One is Lady Himwen wishing to train her recruits there. The other is quite personal to me.

Eyes Turned to the Past

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The shadows of dusk were deepening with the passing of the minutes. Anor had long ago dipped below the lip of the Vale, though the sky was still colored faint by her brilliant hues of purples and pinks, with rays of light that lit the edges of passing clouds like fire.

Return to Imladris

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On the matter of Tuilerie's Struggle

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The sorrowful song of Eregion ever weaves the veils of despair upon our fëar, yet as I raise my eyes and look upon the starlit heavens my heart rejoices. The jewels of Elbereth, the clearest lights of Arda...Still they are resting above my gaze, and as ever, in times of great sorrow her ever-bright beauty remains. It shall be my wish for this night, that looking upon the celestial embroidery will fill us with hope once again, one that is so oft cried for on the journey of shadows we dared to begin.


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