The Eleventh Letter from Imladris

Dearest Gwanûr,

The news you sent in your letter greatly surprised me! I would not have left so far from home, indeed, if I knew that I could obtain a position as a courier so close to home. Who learned of it, you or Ada? Whoever it was, I am extremely grateful and I will hurry back west to begin. I think it will take me some time still for me to pack all my things and return.

Now, I was thinking of telling the Lord Ambassador Parnard of this celebratory news, but when I passed by his home, I found hiril Losshell amidst packed items and boxes. I thought it quite strange, so I mustered my courage to inquire, but hiril Losshell only continued to dust, wipe, and polish until, no doubt, she could see her reflection in every surface. Luckily, I bumped into Lord Parnard himself the next evening, for hiril Losshell is an intimidating and tight-lipped housekeeper. The Lord Ambassador revealed to me that he would be leaving the valley as well, and for no other reason than to be married to hiril Brasseniel! Can you believe it? Lord Parnard’s interest in hiril Brasseniel is no great secret in the valley of course, for he has attended the Yule Ball with her the last two years. He will be traveling to the Greenwood soon to be married. I am quite disappointed that I will not see the happy union, but I hope that he will find great happiness. I will have to think of some clever gift, though he did break the bird perch I gave to him before. Perhaps something altogether unbreakable.

You may wonder if I regret leaving so far from home and living in Imladris for the past year if I had known that I could obtain a similar position in Celondim. I am sure you could tell from my letters that I missed you all greatly and that I was not always quick to make friends here. Yet, I think it was a valuable experience all in all, for I became acquainted with a much different dwelling place and its people. I should have never seen the beautiful flowing waterfalls of Imladris and all the land between Mithlond and this one. And I should have never met such kind instructors as Lord Parnard and hiril Uilossiel to teach me the proper way to be a messenger. I still have many books on a courier’s etiquette, which hiril Uilossiel has given to me, that I have not finished…

You will be surprised to know that amongst the list of friends that I have made is a place for hir Vorongwe. Yes, he is the one who led an expedition to Eregion and lost my poor Alagos! You may wonder that I ever befriended such an ellon as he, but he turns out to be a bird friend. He saved an injured robin recently and that is how we began to converse, though I tried my best until now to avoid his presence. Of course, saving a robin is not enough to make amends, but he has offered to search for my lost Alagos in Eregion! I will venture with him and any friends I can find to help me. The more eyes we have, the sooner we will find her and bring her back home with us. Do not worry, I will not tarry too long before I depart.

I heard also that Lord Dolthafaer is to depart west. It is quite the topic of much talk and speculation within the valley. Is he leaving to sail West? Perhaps he embarks upon a perilous adventure of a mysterious and secretive nature. Has he decided to forsake all companionship for the freedom of the wilderness? I know him not well, but he always seemed a steady and responsible lord, not prone to whimsical fancies. Thus, I predict these theories hold little truth. Rather, I think it more probable that he is returning to some betrothed of his in the west that we know not of. Perhaps he is leaving to be married, just as Lord Parnard! I would like to imagine his betrothed as a surpassing fair elleth with silver hair that shimmers beside his dark hair as the pale moon shines in the night sky. Surely, she resides beside the sea, walking along the stretches of sand with her fair blue dress sparkling like sea foam. Perhaps she lives in Mithlond close to our home! I hope my path will cross that of Lord Dolthafaer on my way home so that I may ask him. Would it not be most romantic if my theory was true?

When you receive this letter, I hope I will be well on my way back home.

Your little bird,