Parnard Teludarion

Name Parnard
None, Former Lord Ambassador of the House of Vanimar
~650 years
Outward Appearance

Parnard is a Wood-Elf of high spirits and low physique. Centuries passed in hard wandering rendered his frame thin, and the workings of time have brought into more prominent relief his sharp and narrow features, but all the proportions of his noble race remain. His hair is black and a little silver, a hint of his Teleri heritage. His eyes are keenly bright and notice much about the world. Perhaps this explains the discontent lurking in their hidden depths, or perhaps it was one of many misadventures which caused it, but after repeated and vigorous applications of the wine bottle, this restiveness becomes veiled, and Parnard seems content enough. 


When surrounded by the fairest of the Fair Folk, he is arrayed in his best smiles and seems to enjoy life. Then he exerts his considerable conversational powers to entertain worthy company, and his quick tongue is ever ready with a lively remark or jest.


When he abode in Imladris, Parnard was often found 'having a talk' with Sogadan in the Hall of Fire, and he was swift at singling out strangers and visitors to the Valley for discourse; sometimes these elves were obliged to retire before his thirst for wine or curiosity was gratified.


His usual attire consists of a cloth robe or tunic, with soft leather boots or shoes styled in a plain, yet distinctly elvish fashion: very thin soles with pointed toes, all the better for footly feating on the grassy sward.


“The Nandor are the Host of Denweg, the Wood-elves, the Wanderers, the Staff-elves, the Green Elves and the Brown, the Hidden People; and those that came at last to Ossiriand are the Elves of the Seven Rivers, the Singers Unseen, the King-less, the Weaponless, and the Lost Folk, for they are now no more.” - Dangweth Pengolodh

Parnard was born in the Third Age, year 2368, during the Watchful Peace, and he is around 650 years old. He has a trace of Sindar blood but is mostly Silvan, those woodland elves of Nandor and Avari descent who had no rulers of their own until the arrival of King Oropher to Greenwood the Great. However, in the time that Parnard was born, it was known as Mirkwood, for a shadow had fallen upon it.

His name was given to him by his mother and is translated as 'Knotworker’ in the Westron tongue,* but he is known by the name Ǽlfrund by a clan of Woodsmen. He is crafty with needle and silk, and likes to create colorful embroideries of birds and flowers.

At one time, he thought to map out the uncharted Wilderlands, and ventured eastward, but he did not make it any further than the shores of the River Running. He was beset upon by a group of bandits, and if not for the courage and kindness of the Woodsmen of the East Bight, Parnard's life in Middle-earth would have met an untimely end. This did not stem his wanderlust, however, but it did make him rethink his plan of mapping out foreign lands, and so he decided to head west.

Parnard traveled north along the Anduin, over the High Pass, and at last arrived at the gates of Imladris. Lord Elrond permitted him to remain as a Guest-Elf and instructed the assistant scribe of his library to take this rustic under his wing and teach him something of lore and knowledge. Parnard was given menial tasks to perform, such as dusting books and running messages around Imladris; instead of performing his work, he would loiter in the Hall of Fire drinking wine, hoping to meet some genteel, mannerly elves who like to chat, and perhaps he would hear some tales of the Eldar Days or a fine ballad. Eventually, the constant shirking of his duties reached the ears of Lord Elrond. He deemed it best if Parnard was sent away to the far haven of Celondim, and there be tutored by the Loremaster Athradir, thus appeasing both his assistant scribe and the vintner Sogadan, whom Parnard had annoyed with his persistent wheedling for more wine.

It was only a very short time before Parnard abandoned his studies, quit Celondim, and returned to the Valley, seeking a new master, and there in the Last Homely House met Lord Anglachelm of Vanimar.

It is the opinion of certain others that his head lacks what is commonly referred to as “brains” and is filled with some other lighter, fluffy material, much as one of the over-stuffed goose down cushions in Lord Elrond’s home. But Parnard is very eager in his work, if it is work worth doing (in his opinion) and he can be faithful and diligent, and these qualities being recognized in due course, he was unexpectedly made Ambassador and elevated to Council status.

Sogadan the Vintner once took umbrage at Parnard’s attempts to reduce an extremely high wine bill, and viewed this incessant bargaining as a mark of disrespect and commercial parasitism. They have since made amends, and Parnard has grudgingly accepted his fixed prices; however, he does believe that the vintner's steadfast refusal of extended credit may drive away customers, although he concedes that it does not matter much, if Sogadan continues to hold a monopoly on the wine-trade in the Valley.  

*: His name is compounded from the Late Telerin word paur meaning, 'fist holding a crafting implement' and the Sindarin word nardh, meaning 'knot.' Knotworking is an embroidery technique in which the thread is wrapped around itself to create raised patterns.

The vintner of Imladris, Sogadan; Estarfin, Rainith, Belegos, Laurelindo, Elloen, Danel, Eliriael, and many, many others.
Brother: Culufinnel Father: Teludar
Brasseniel, Dorwinion wine, maps, embroidery, brightly colored silks, fine clothing, the stars, the sound of rushing water, the moonlight on the leaves, feasting, a tale well-told, dancing with lovely elf maidens, and good company.
Unmannerly people: "stiff-backed maidens," braggarts and liars; cruelty and wickedness, most Men: excepting the Rangers of the North, the Men of Dale, the Woodmen of the East Bight.
That is a mystery.
"Oh my life is full of such foolish tales! I am the most miserable elf in the world..." "I can foot it featly when my blood is up."

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