Haunted Blade


He dreamt of a shining face of some ancient spirit, caged within a sullied blade.

And thus spoke the voice that was within the sword:





"Hurwë's hands created me

your father's father measured me

your father asked for owning me, I

came to him, and he was mine

I did not need salvation's wine.


Laurelin fire gilded me

Telperion's silver flashed at me

Tirion's bliss enlightened me

I was theirs, and they were mine

I mirrored bliss, and Noldor wine.


Aman's darkening blinded me

the woe of Olwë sharpened me

your fathers bloodlust wakened me

meant for doom, yet doom was mine

and there was no salvation's wine.


The fires of Losgar kindled me

the laugh of Fëanor frightened me

longship smoke bewildered me

for the exile's wrath was mine

until I'd find salvation's wine.


Maglor's harp comforted me

the minstrel's kindness thwarted me

Gold-cleaver almost brightened me

His voice was pure, yet dark was mine, I

failed to drink salvation's wine.


Morgoth's flames ravaged me

Angband's fires hardened me

your father's corpse delighted me, and

I became yours, you were mine, I

needed more salvation's wine.


Doriath's Sacking blemished me

Grey-Elf blood corrupted me

Slayed kin now stare at me

I was yours, now you are mine,

I hungered for salvation's wine.


You wielded me, you glared at me

you cursed at me, you spat at me

you grappled me, you buried me

the tomb was deep, yet you were mine

until I'd taste salvation's wine.


Doomed Beleriand wept with me

earth and darkness carried me

ruined nature bled with me, still:

I was yours, your tomb was mine

and I cursed salvation's wine.


Belegaer swallowed me

encircling waters cared for me

the waves of Ossë tossed me back

so I'd be yours, your voice in black

reminding Girdled Kingdom's sack.


Endor's time was eating me

the claws of waste were dooming me

wind and stones were smashing me, that's

when you found me, you are mine

until we'd drink salvation's wine.


The icy waste was freezing me

storms of snow were dowsing me

eternal cold tried smiting me, but

we went through, and you are mine

until we pour salvation's wine.


For hammer skills you rested me

for goblin blood you doubted me

for wrath and death you harrowed me

I shall haunt you, you are mine,

I reflect you, I'm your crime.


For Dol Guldur you clutched at me

for shadow walls unsheathed me

for Greenwood's sake then wakened me

I shall rise, your doom is mine,

yearning for salvation's wine.


A maiden fair has crossed your ways

whirling waters met your blaze, your

heart longs for those flashing eyes

your bloody past yet never dies, all

love will fail, despair you'll get

I'm hatred's witness, I'm your pet.


Soon enough then, you will flail

I will watch your power fail, I'll

make you fall, I'll drink your blood,

wash my face in pouring flood

resolve my greed and soothe my wrath -

remove the stain of Doriath

forget the Swanherd's shattered weep,

abandon life for deathless sleep."





((image drawn by Celurhir))