Faörie Liamna of Lothlórien

Name Faorie
Protector and watcher of all Elvenlands
Adult - Young
Outward Appearance



It is said by the Eldar
that in the water there lives yet the echo of the music of the Ainur
more than any other substance else that is in this Earth...





Faörie is a Silvan Elf of pearly skin and unusually dark hair for one hailing from Lothlórien. She styles it very short, as it may become a nuisance in combat where it becomes important that her vision remains unimpaired. However, when she journeys to her homeland, she no longer maintains its length and allows it to grow as it had once been in her centuries within Caras Galadhon.


Her armour is heavy, often thick and tinted black. When venturing into foreign lands, she carries two swords at her sides: a sword smithed in fine Elven steel by Lord Dolthafaer and another of competing quality by the smiths of Maethelyn.


Beyond what is seen on the surface, Faörie has also acquired several scars on her body from past battles. Most are aged and healed over time, though there are a number that can still be seen should the appropriate area be exposed. Such things are not likely to be presented to others though, as they stand as reminders to Faörie alone to think ahead and plan before entering combat.





And many of the Children of Ilúvatar hearken
unsated to the voices of the Sea,
and yet know not for what they listen.


J.R.R.Tolkien, The Silmarillion

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I remember...

How I danced and sang in praise to Elbereth for the gift of stars that cycled every evening. I held a hand of my mother, and a hand of my father, and gazed in joy and pride upon the glistening leaves of the valley of gold.

I grew and came to understand the blessed gifts we are given from our birth. I have lived a fruitful life, though brief as it has been.

I honour the labours and love of the Valar upon the world and its children, and with every passing century I come to the knowledge that I too shall endure the sorrow of the ages.

I remember...

A mighty warrior, saddened though strengthened by the gloom and burdens of the Kingdom of Earth. His purpose inspired me, became my purpose, and my decision was made before the choice was given.

I serve as a defender of the creations of the Valar from the evil that plagues the world. I fight as a warrior against the shadows of Morgoth. I radiate as light does in darkness, so that no evil shall ever seize me or consume me.

I remember...

Meditating by pools and springs and rivers and creeks to feel as those who hearken to the seas, searching for a song or sound that we shall never comprehend.

Many times has the call of the sea beckoned me, many times has my spirit longed to reunite with those whose companionship I cherished so dearly and sincerely. But my time in Middle Earth has not ended, and so I shall remain.

The water, clean and clear of all grief, rejuvenates my spirit, and when I am weary of my travels I return to the Golden Woods and remember all that brought me hope and gave me home and my heart is renewed.


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Her mother and father, residing comfortably within the Golden Wood
Raolor, her greatest love. Lothlórien, her homeland. Additions: botany and the collection of leaf varieties from Elven havens. Dancing in praise to Elbereth under her star laced skies. Water in particular - meditating by water sources.
Darkness, deceit, dishonesty, and corruption. Malevolence, destruction, and terror. Aphids.
The lands of Middle Earth still hold the bountiful gifts of the Valar and stands as the birthplace of the Firstborn. All that she loves remains, and so shall she - fighting against the evils of Morgoth until Middle Earth is reclaimed from shadow.
"Why are you like this?" - asking Thendryt, knowing full well why he's like this.

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Faorie's Gallery