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Arelienbur "Arelie" Steelarm


Animal Healer and Farmer

ResidenceSteelarm Farm or The Prancing Pony

Riders of the Eastemnet

Outward Appearance

She stands around 5' 5" tall. She looks around 25 years but is actually 20. She is a solidly built woman. Muscular from years of farm work and training horses. Her stomach protrudes slightly. 

She speaks Rohirrim fluently but her Westron is broken and has a heavy accent of those coming from Rohan. Her red hair is long and often braided or held back by a headband.

She often smells of stables and horses. She is more comfortable in the presence of animals than mortals and feels socially awkward. Especially since her father and she came to Bree. Her father is very protective of his last living child.

She wears a simple gold band and one with a bright emerald on her left ring finger. 



Arelienbur grew up on a farm within the protective range of Hytbold, slightly northwest of the city proper. It took half a day to travel there from the farm, so trips by the family happened three times a year. As Areli's parents considered her too young to go on her own, she socialized with no one except her immediate family. Areli never concerned herself much over it as she always had time later. That was her first valuable lesson in life...often, later doesn't exist.

At the young age of three summers, her father discovered Areli had an affinity working with animals. She excelled even with the meanest of their livestock. He let her tag along, explaining many of the ways of handling and caring for their stock. Soon production of eggs and milk exploded tripling the output. At five summers, when normally she would work alongside her mother in the fields she was working the animals, only helping in the field during harvest time.

Areli's mother taught her healing skills with animals, it was not extensive, but Areli soon passed her mother's knowledge and is a self-taught healer and surgeon for animals. Her affinity did not stop with the typical farm animals, much to her father's dismay. But his dismay does not diminish the pride he feels for his youngest daughter, and now only surviving child. She has since studied with a true animal healer whom she impressed with her knowledge and even admits to learning from her.

During the fall of her thirteenth summer, a large band of Uruks destroyed their farm. Areli and her father Ruby we in a farm pasture watching the newest colts and deciding which ones they would geld. By the time they reached the farm proper, the house and barn were smoldering ash and they found the bones of their small family in the ruins. That began her adventure that led her and her father to Bree-land.


Raevenhart Cesistya Calilla


Father: Waldburuby "Ruby, Husband: Brywulf Steelarm




Brywulf Always and Forever. Those who are healers. Those who treat people kindly. Those who care for animals. Animals in general, but specifically Mato, Rascal, Claw, Selgran, Ruby, Pride, and Lucky


Anyone who mistreats an animal and those who think riding crops should be used on a horse.


She wishes to be a Shield Maiden. But she will be satisfied if she is only a good wife and good mother.


"Their kinship is rather with the Beornings of the Wood, or the Bardings of Dale, among whom may still be seen many Men tall and far, as are the Rohirrim...They are proud and willful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years " —pg. 41, The Two Towers

Arelienbur's Adventures

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Arelienbur's Adventures

Arelienbur's Gallery

Arelienbur's Gallery