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Brywulf Steelarm of the Riddermark


Calvary in Rohirrim, blacksmith

AgeLate 20's or early 30's
ResidenceHarwick, The Wold, Rohan

Riders of the Eastemnet

Outward Appearance

A middle aged man with short hair at first glance. Bears scars on his face from battles also many scars riddle his body, scars from spears, swords and arrows. His eyes are of a haunting light grey . He is tall, about 6'1 and muscular. His hands are those of a laborers. If you were to see his bare arms, you'd notice a black and green tribal horse coming up his arm onto his chest


As young man from Harwick, a settlement in the Wold. He came from a family of skilled blacksmith's. He longed for adventure and finally got his chance when the riders came recruiting. He took this and trained. He loved it at first but slowly began to see the horrors of the fighting. He grew quieter and after many battles, He fought in Mainly the wold and tragically lost his wife and son, carries a golden necklace with a silver ring on it. For his Heroism he was promoted to Lieutenant but since he was so grieved he was sent to Bree to gather missing Eorlingas so that he may forget the tragedy that happened at home. He occasionally takes out this necklace and stares at it for a time, as if remembering something. Now he is captain of his own eored and works to help people and gather those who wish to return home.


His closest friend Aeruthuil, Dem, Taala, Eroforth, Raevenhart, Brynleigh, Aallan and many others


Wife Arelienbur, father Selwulf


Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, any servent of Sauron


His wife, Forging, riding horses, peace


Arrogance, Stealing, senseless destruction.


To be able to live in peace in Rohan.


Brywulf's Adventures

Captains entry: April 18th 5 weeks 4 days ago
Captains entry: April 11th 6 weeks 4 days ago
Brywulf's Adventures

Brywulf's Gallery

Brywulf's Gallery