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Business as usual, questionable.

Today a man from Helm's Deep came seeking another from Helm's Deep. He came by the house, as the Mayor of Bree instructed him. Carnthad sought Demlemoth a friend of the Eored. Before he left he was recruited into the Eored. He is an archer, trained on shooting from the back of a horse, or on his feet. He agreed to teach those in the Eored by abilities. He should make a fine addition to the Eored. Our numbers increase. Soon a large portion of our primary goals will be complete and we will head toward the Mearc. Information gathering on the Old Forest continues.

(The orders from Theoden King follows this page.)

Supplies continue to trickle into the Eored's house. With the large influx of brigands, it appears that merchants' stock dwindles and prices increase. How much of the increase is due to the transportation difficulties and how much is due to our foreign birth. Many of the Eored have reported continued distrust of the locals, and several have been hassled in regards to their weapons. The Eored helps the people of Bree when a need exists, but others of foreign birth do little to nothing to help. This detail must be considered more fully.  Information gathering on the Old Forest continues.

(The day's receipts follow this page.)

Lieutenant Wull's cousin arrived in Bree today. She is out on patrol of the Old Forest borders, and the woman approached the local captain seeking her cousin. Velvette was given directions to Wull's home in Harthold, the village the Eored uses while in Bree. As captain, the services of the Eored were also offered to her. She accepted and went to Harthold. No supplies were delivered today. Tomorrow will be a day of talking once again with the merchants of Bree to listen to the reasons for this lack of delivery.  Information gathering on the Old Forest continues.

(Attached is the list of deliveries scheduled for today.)

A day spent listening to reasons of the Merchants for their lack of ability to supply various contracts at this time. A miserable day made worse by the discovery of the body of Lieutenant Wullwyn. Letter sent to Theoden King concerning the death. Frist draft attached.  Information gathering on the Old Forest continues.

(A messy letter with many scratch outs, scribbles, dark stabbing lines is attached. There is evidence of anger in the words.)

Bleak day of dealing with merchants. I angered easily so instead chose to spend the day training the Eored. They were worked hard on both foot and horse. News of Wull's death is being withheld from the Eored. Circumstances require it be kept unknown to all but a few. Until such time, those who know are instructed to say she is out on patrols.  Information gathering on the Old Forest continues.

(Attached are the one receipt of shipment today and a long list of unreceived shipments.)

Suspicions exist that the vendors are selling our contracted supplies to a higher bidder. But if it is truly Brigands, several patrols have been issued to range the know caravan routes. If it is truly brigands the Eored will give protection to the caravans' in Bree. It also gives our steeds time to stretch their legs in full gallop. Areli mentioned concern for their lack of ability to run.  Information gathering on the Old Forest continues.