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Investigations into the Old Forest

Brywulf received a letter from Theoden King. Like many communications from our King, the writer was not Theoden King but one scribe. It had his seal upon it and his mark at the bottom. Theoden King's letter to Brywulf told him to investigate the Old Forest. The connection to the Old Forest and that of Fangorn needed discovery. The specifics, like most of his messages, Theoden King did not disclose. Why now, and what he expected the Eored to discover remains a mystery.

Brywulf, like most Eorlingas, found strength to obey because of his honor. Many rumors of the Old Forest cause most people to stay outside its boundaries. The locals in Buckland speak of the animals acting in a frenzied style, while many speak of trees walking, and the paths changing because the trees move to block them. Still, the order came from the King, Brywulf must obey.

His first orders to his Eored where to scout the outer edges but not to enter. Find potential entrances into the forest that did not open and close at will. He placed Wull in charge of this group. The second order he gave to Arelienbur, see what we could discover in Bree's library. Areli suggested asking an Elf who studied various plants and animals among Bree-land. With that suggested Brywulf sought an audience with Cesistya. Brywulf also consulted Aeruthuil, the meeting took several hours. Bry quickly divided tasks and chores among the leaders of his Eored. He dismissed everyone saying we had two weeks to gather this information.

On the next page is the actual letter.

Captain Brywulf.

Because of your proximity to a forest our sources say is similar to Fangorn, I command you to use those in your Eored present to seek information of the forest and sent it to the Mearc. I do not suggest you send any but the strongest of your fighters. For if they are the same you will need their strength. Report with your findings as is our usual way of communication.

Theoden King

(Theoden's Mark and seal)