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Riders of the Eastemnet

Founding date
Goal To gather Eorlingas to bring back to aid in the fighting in the mark
Main area of operations Rohan and Bree
Kinship type Man

Gondor, Other Rohirrim, Rangers, lost ones, Tir Mithrin O Forod


Enemies of the free people

Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)

Captain Brywulf, lieutenants Arelienbur, cleowynn, Handarthol


message from Captain Brywulf Steelarm: our mission

We are a proud Eored, we were stranded in Bree after a failed attempt to go home after coming on orders to retrieve some men, we now consist of what some may consider misfits, traders, oath breakers, and any other insult but we all share one common ground. We want to protect Rohan and middle earth. I, Captain Brywulf steelarm lead these men and women with help from some of the bravest in all middle earth. We pride ourselves in helping others no matter their origin, we show them what true Eorlingas are, we show our generosity, kindness and our willingness to help and defend. As we rebuild and gather warriors, merchants and healers, we were given a temporary home to use has a headquarters for our operation. If you truly wish peace and to help our land then do not sit idly by, Join us. We take on missions around Bree some of my order, some of innocent towns folk and some given to us from the mark. If you feel alone, nothing familiar around you, then come to us, we are not only an Eored but a family, a close family who watches over one another and helps eachother. So now, come and help bring peace back to the mark and middle earth. END



Arelienbur Arelienbur "Arelie" Steelarm Man
Brywulf Brywulf Steelarm of the Riddermark Man

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