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Cesistya, scholar of Lothlorien


Wandering Scholar of Middle-earth

AgeYoung for an Elf, but her innocence makes her seem younger.
ResidenceCurrently residing in the forests on the northern slope of Bree-hill.

None, but looking.

Outward Appearance

Red is the colour that best defines this Elf-maiden. Her robes are of red, and her hair is that of strawberries. Her eyes are a soft grey-blue like an autumn sky, unassuming, though bright with curiosity and innocence. She is by no means a paragon of beauty, having rather simple features and a slender body, fair skin but not alabaster, not to mention her bare feet are often dirty and grass-stained, and her clothes travel-worn. When she speaks, her voice is gentle and timid, often tripping over her words, though she is well-spoken. She has little accent to speak of, as long travels and distant lands, not to mention a healthy interest in language, has muddled it toward neutrality. Certain words and phrases, though, do carry regional qualities; her Sindarin carries a subtle accent of the Golden Wood, her Westron is occasionally inflected with Rohirric or Gondorian or Daleish (depending on the loan-word), and her polite word-choice is reminiscent of the drawing-room of a well-to-do Hobbit.


In terms of attire, she is always garbed primarily in a red leather robe, worn and soft from many travels, inside which are a number of pouches and slots for carrying things, mostly scrolls and quill-pens, as well as one pocket which contains a measure of ink (that, over the many years, has caused a number of stains). Within her robe she wears woven clothing of hithlain, also of Elvish-make, and also dyed red (all of her clothing is made by her, in fact). Upon her belt she carries a leather water-skin on one side and a short, shining curved Elvish blade of fantastic quality, yet without the elegant flourishes of most Elven-work. It should be noted that this blade is always concealed within her coat. Upon her back she carries a leather backpack with a number of supplies for survival in the Wild, and attached to the side in a relatively new deep pouch is an Elvish bow from Rivendell; she keeps the shaft wrapped in leather, and the same grey rope that keeps her pack closed also ties the bow in its place. Ever-present is her staff, ancient and worn smooth, of silvery-grey wood (those familiar with mallorn would recognize it), which she keeps very close to her at all times, almost clinging to it.



Born in the year 2300 of the Third Age, in Caras Galadhon of Lothlorien. She spent three hundred years studying in its libraries, as well as all else she could observe, upon every subject, including lembas-making, weaving, and sewing, all taught by her Mother (and later by the maidens of the Lady Galadriel), and the ancient tongue of the Elves and other lore of the Noldor by her Father. However, in due time she realized that she could learn much more about other peoples and their ways if she left home to see them for herself. Shy to the core, it was a very difficult process that, ultimately, she did manage, but not before her elder brother, a Marchwarden, insisted that her father craft and she carry with her a sword. Despite having it at her waist for nearly half a millenia, she still doesn't know how to use it, and not once has it ever tasted blood.

Her first Journey began in the year 2600 of the Third Age, and took her first South to Rohan where she stayed long at Edoras and developed quite an appreciation for the horse-masters. Then East into Gondor, where she studied in its vast libraries and saw the rebuilding of the White Tower. She wished to travel South then, into Haradwaith, but the threat of another Orc-war pushed her North, then East into Rhun. She traveled far into the East, getting as far as the East Sea over the Orocarni in her search for Cuiviénen, a search that was ultimately in vain; that land has been long lost since the changing of the World, but she needed to accept it with her own eyes. She stayed long at Dorwinion on her way back, learning the ways of grape-growing and wine-making and, much to her continued embarrassment, wine-drinking. After 12 seasons she continued North up the River Running and stayed in Dale and Erebor, where she walked the glittering treasure-halls under the Mountain; though, she was forced to flee to the halls of Thranduil at the coming of Smaug the Terrible, a scene that still plays out in her nightmares, for it was the first and most terrible battle she has witnessed to-date. After some time in Thranduil's realm, she followed the Elf-road to the Vale of Anduin, and headed south for home, though the War of the Dwarves and Orcs delayed her. Having no safe place to go, with Goblins about in force, she luckily stumbled upon Rhosgobel, where her love of the wild aligned well with that of its resident. She stayed there for some years, and well after the War had ended, she continued home, arriving in TA 2804.

Having faced such dangers, and being ill-prepared, she took to studying the arts of the wild, both running and hiding, and spent a goodly time in practice before undertaking her Second Journey.

In 2900 of the Third Age, she left Lothlorien again, traveling South to the Gap of Rohan. She would not pause to visit Orthanc, though in her heart she desired it, as she felt she was far from worthy. From there into Dunland, where she followed a tribe of nomads about the area. She wandered through Enedwaith and Minhiriath and Eregion, seeking what ancient ruins she could, before turning north to Imladris, where she stayed a long time to further study healing. After a curious troupe of Dwarves passed by on their way to Erebor, she decided to continue her journey, making her way North-east through the Lone-lands, remaining south of Angmar. Upon the advice of Lord Elrond, she stayed with the Dúnedain, traveling with them and aiding in their efforts and getting some much-needed practical experience. Slowly her path took her to Forochel, where she stayed with some native Lossoth, until she moved on to Thorin's Halls in the Northern parts of Erid Luin. Unfortunately, she was not able to learn Khuzdul here either, despite many years of pleading. Finally she made her way South to the Grey Havens, where she sailed the coasts of Forlindon and Harlindon and studied for a time in Forlond and Harlond. Leaving East, she followed the Great Road into the Shire, and spent a goodly time with the Hobbits there (primarily in and around Buckland), very much enjoying their ways, and they rather fond of her habit of going barefoot. After some years she finally traveled East again, arriving finally in Bree some years ago.

Due to these long adventures, stretching far and wide, she has seen no small number of people; indeed, she has met, either for extended stays or in passing, a great number of important figures, the most notable being Radagast the Brown, where she learned a great deal about the forests of Mirkwood and the wilderland in general, though she has traded timid words with Lady Galadriel, studied under Lord Elrond, sailed with Lord Cirdan, and even traded smiles with a young boy (and fellow student) in Rivendell, then known as Estel. She doesn't boast about these; indeed, she holds these encounters in high honour and would not use them for her own gain. Given her long stays and wandering feet, she has met many people, or many would have seen her. It is possible she will run into a few familiar faces once again in Bree-town.

It is also due to her travels that she carries few racial indignities. Having learned a deal of the people's of Middle-earth, she respects their quirks, appreciates their talents, and loves their idiosyncrasies. She knows well the warm Dwarven hospitality, the steadfast politeness of the Hobbits in the face of truly odd circumstances, the mirth and sternness of the Eldar, and the courage and failings of Men, not to mention the pride of the Eagles, the curiosity of the raccoons, and more recently, the stubbornness of boars. As such, it would be found that, although shy around most, she can become strong friends with all.


Family History

Cesistya can trace her family history back to the First Elves on her Mother's side, though her Father speaks little of his history, and as such, it is somewhat a mystery to her.

(work in progress)


Due to her shyness, she has few friends she would consider close, however she has found warmth in the company of Brynleigh, Conrob, and, at times, Aallan. Though not nearly even an acquaintance, she has found respect for the healer Raevenhart


Second-mother: Glanlotiel




Fruit, clear water, reading, animals, grass, healthy soil, the scent of old parchment, stars, Nature in general


Morgoth and all his evil are the only things she can truly say to hate, but she does get rather bothered by foolishness, and people who don't listen to reason.


To learn everything there is to learn, before her time here is spent.


Sáma-cotumo umë polë tarë tulcavë vórima navienna - A problem cannot stand firmly against sustained thinking.

Cesistya's Adventures

Cesistya's Adventures

Cesistya's Gallery

Cesistya's Gallery