Registering Tutorial

This tutorial is a step by step guide on how to register a new character account on The Laurelin Archives. Registering is very easy and will take only a few minutes.

How do I register on The Laurelin Archives ? 

To register an account on our site find the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT option on the left sidebar, just under the User Login. Please enter your username and a valid email address for validation. It is that simple! Can I use any username of my liking ? The username on The Laurelin Archives must be the same name as the name of your character in game and that you wish to register. Once you request a new account, we will check in game the character exist and then validate your account. 

How long does validation take ? 

Validation can take from a few hours to a day or two, depending on the circumstances. 

I have misspelled the name of my character, what should I do ?

If you misspelled the name simply send a mail to informing us of the problem and giving us the name you registered and what name is the correct one. ?

My character name has been changed by Turbine in game, What should I do ?

If your name has been changed by Turbine or you have decided to use the 'renaming' service in game, send us a mail at informing us of the change and the new name. We will verify and then change the name on your profile/account.

I chosen a nice name in game but I cannot register On The Laurelin Archives because the name is already taken, what should I do ? 

Occasionally a character in game is deleted and the name becomes free on the server, however the person that used that name in the past created an account on The Laurelin Archives so you are unable to reuse the name on our site. Should this situation arise, please simply send us a mail to and we will help you to register your character by freeing the name you are now using. 

I created a new character in game, do I need to register again ? 

Yes! Every character must have their own individual profile and account on The Laurelin Archives. If you have a new character please go through the registration process again. You can however use the same email address for all your accounts. 

I received confirmation that my new account has been validated, what should I do now ?

Once your confirmation email arrives, please login for the first time on the site. The first thing you should do is to create a new password for that character. Once that is done you are ready to create your new profile and use The Laurelin Archives.