Kinships Tutorial

The kinship section on the front page of The Laurelin Archives list the RECENT KINSHIPS created on the site. The most recent kins will show on the list in chronological order of creation until new kinship profiles are created. The day and year the profile was created determine its age.

When a kinship profile is updated it will no longer 'bump' on the top of the list. To promote kinships we encourage to post an advertisement ( this option can be found in the Create Content tab ) which will periodically appear throughout the site.

How do I create a kinship profile on The Laurelin Archives ?

If you are the kinleader of a kinship and you would like to add a profile for it on the site, use the "Contact" form at the top right of the site and choose "Kinship request" in the dropdown list.

Specify the name of your kinship in the message as well as some information about it. Once approved, you will receive the Kinleader role, allowing you to create your Kinship profile by going to "Create content" in the left sidebar menu. Same instructions apply here as for the Character profiles. Do not use any kind of punctuation at the end of the title field, since this will upset the referencing.

How do I add members to my kinship profile ?

In order to fill the members list of your kinship profile, send Kinmember relationship requests to your kinmembers, through a link at the bottom of their profiles. Once accepted, their profiles will be linked to. If you're a member of a kinship but don't know who controls your kinship's profile on the site, simply search for the name of the kinship and look for the profile in the result, below it it should say who the author is, for example "Kinship - Calenon". Now press the author's name and send them a Kinmember request.

I am no longer the leader of the kinship. Can a new leader take over the profile ?

If you're no longer the leader of a kinship that you made a profile for, send a message through the contact form again, stating the name of the kinship and the name of the new leader. Please tell the new leader to send us a message via the contact form as well regarding the take-over. We'll then edit the roles accordingly, allowing the new leader control over the kinship profile.

My old kinship is no longer around in game, can the old profile be saved ? What should I do ?

You can ask for a profile of a kinship you ran in the past that is no longer around in game to be 'archived'. Contact us with information about it and we'll help you add it to the legacy of the server.

For the purpose of recording the legacy of the server, you cannot delete kinship profiles from the Laurelin Archives. If your kinship has been disbanded, simply leave the profile as it is or contact us and we'll take it off your hands. Remember to mark the kinship as disbanded in the status dropdown list of the profile. You're then free to create a new profile if you've made a new kinship.

I am looking for a particular type of kinship, how can I find what I am looking for ?

Searching the kinship list on the Laurelin Archives is a simple process. In the side bar on the left of the front page find the 'kinship' navigation tab'.

The tab will take you to full kinship list of all the kinship profiles, in alphabetical order, on The Laurelin Archives. 

At this point you can refine your search by using the 'filters' option that appears on the top of the list. Here you can select the type of kin you are looking for and the kin's status.

A kinship I found on The Laurelin Archives is listed as 'Active and Recruiting' but does not exist on the server or is non-active. Why is that?

The Laurelin Archives is a social platform on which  users are encouraged to keep their personal and kinship profiles updated. From time to time users leave the game or disband/mothball a kinship and do not update their profiles.