Istari Nalmë - Archive of Lore

The Scholars and associates of Istari Nalmë

A collection of books, scrolls and maps; a repository of the divers contributions of the scholars and historians of Istari Nalmë.

By Quill and Sword

Written by Lisbaeth

In chest under her bed is a large book with dark blue covers made of soft leather, pages are still empty in this time, but first paragraph was written by Lisbeth.

- And there as tale begins with first written letter, journey and adventure started with first step. -

A Historian's Notes and Essays


In a low cupboard (which needs renewing, for it is falling terribly apart) a small collection of essays and notes destined to expand has been stored. The task of historian for the Knights of Eriador was appointed to Elenath by Brywyn after she tidied up every book in the kin library and recorded their location. She spent time afterwards recording notes and essays.

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