Entry #1

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Dear Diary,

This just seems silly. Here I am, a grown man, and I'm writing in a diary like some young, love-struck lass! I'm not even sure to whom I'm writing. It can't be to myself. I already know my own thoughts. Perhaps writing them down will allow me to revisit them some time in my future. Is that why people keep such records? To dwell on past musings?

Letter to Helcequen.

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

(This letter was sent before Danel received the one from Imladris. It contains a small but sturdy key that has the appearance of belonging to a Dwarven Lady’s jewel-box.)


Hail and greetings, Helcequen,

I write to you as one scholar to another, rather than as any Lady of the Pillar, as I do not at present know if or when I will return to Imladris.

The request for my swift departure was given to and accepted by the Tur some five weeks ago. Since then I have had little opportunity to write more to anyone.

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A collection of books, scrolls and maps; a repository of the divers contributions of the scholars and historians of Istari Nalmë.

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