Night Terrors

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Artwork: Drawing

Hendusaila and Hravanis had known each other before the Nirnaeth Arnoidiad, but it wasn't until they reunited in Gondolin after that battle that they had time to really explore their feelings. And yet, it was somewhat hurried and sudden, for Hendusaila's brother and his wife had perished in the fighting. They left behind a very small baby girl and it was only natural that Hendusaila, and so also Hravanis, step in to raise the child.

I am the original artist

Arenborn and Inayat

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Artwork: Painting

Arenborn and Inayat armoured and ready to fight.

Drawn by the amazingly talented Arindiis


Gwen & Awi at dawn

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Screenshot: General screen

Awiergan and Gweneira speaking to each other quietly at the little staddlemere as the sun rises seeming ever so slowly to them from the East.

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