Knights Of Eriador

Founding date
April 2007
Provide aid where needed - be it for small or large task. Guard the roads and seek out threats towards the Free People Of Middle Earth
Main area of operations
All over Middle Earth, but main opperations is the lands around Bree - with our base in the village of Hookworth (Bree homestaeds)
Kinship type
Currently none
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



Who are the Knights of Eriador?

The Knights Of Eriador was founded late April 2007.

We are a role-playing kinship based on the Laurelin server of The Lord of the Rings Online. In addition to role-playing we take part in questing to enjoy the mechanics and content of the game.

We are not of a typical militaristic build - but there exists of course a chain of command within the order. This we feel open up for more personalized and versatile role-play. 

The Knights of Eriador are an Order of knights, but we are not all warriors - we welcome all kinds of people in our Order. Farmers, merchants, scholars and any oher vocations. And as with most of real-life medieval Knighthoods - all members can obtain the title of Knight of the order. 

Our kinship and our characters represent an Order that take pride in helping out where ever they are needed along side of the free people of Middle Earth - keeping the roads safe, salvaging arts and texts of lore and history, defending villagers - patrolling the lands of Eriador, or joining other forces to march to battle.

We call the village Hookworth our home. Here we have our hall as well as a tavern, barracks, a Historic House, a warehouse, guesthouse and the houses of our members.


We welcome all level of RP’ers from beginners to experienced veterans. We were all new to RP at one time or another, so why not be a beginner here with us! 

We are above all else, above even our focus on RP, a kinship who helps each other; a group of friends who enjoy the game together, thrive upon a sense of community and camaraderie, and can share a laugh and a joke as well as loot and resources.

Our only real requirements for new members is the willingness to RP, to be mature and friendly.


Feel Free to contact us in game - even only for a friendly chat, or visit our website;

We welcome you to the Knights Of Eriador!


Adriellyn Adriellyn ("Adrie") Man
Aeroden Aeroden Man
Allyster Allyster Norwood Man
Hamadryt Hamadryt Man
Jadaehi Jadaehi "Jade" Nimralien Man
Jonnathan Jonnathan Rockroot Man
Kerandrim Kerandrim Muindaer of the Seven Stars Man
Kirseth Kirseth Muindis Man
Marithelion Marithelion , "Gaerbronwe" Man
Pansyblossom Pansyblossom Bottle Hobbit
Ramield Ramield Elf
Seronaer Seronaer "Allabeth" Elf

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