Character Death


What kind of Adventure is this?: 

A piercing scream rattled the night, coursing through the winds of the Northern Bree Fields. Of course, being the man he was, Mortermon followed it. He had made a vow afterall.

I will fall for this town,

I will fall for its citizens,

I will fall for my love,

And I will fall

      so that these walls never do.

He kept this solemn vow in mind as he rode Friga, his faithful bay mare, to investigate the blood-curdling scream.

Cadwen's Lament

What kind of Adventure is this?: 


I never expected to cradle you in my arms
With such tenderness and fear.
Your eyes, unopened, your skin
Dark like the man I loved for only a passing night.
Your delicate lips, your hands:
So small and so fragile.
I fear you will crumble at my touch.

They wrap you in blue, my daughter—
My warrior, my fighter
My child.
They wipe away the blood,
The sweat,
The grime that comes from dancing
On the edge of life and death.

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