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Orcs and Dwarves

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Travel Diary, Day 7

Met a fellow called Alcaron who was heading East, and offered to accompany me down the road a bit. I should mention he is an elf but not at all strange, though he definitely used some elf-magic because he could see in the dark like you would not believe. 

A Finch's Journal


A series of journal entries written by Finchley.

Winter Approaches

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"Winter begins to make it's first appearance on the mountains, high above the clinging warmth of Autumn. Yet here, high above, on the crust of mountains, valleys and peek's, frost lays on crumbled rocks and in the deep shades of twilight, where cold dwells in eerie grips, waiting to spread.  These trembling scenes soothe the heart of our Adventurer and the need for warmth is felt keenly in weary bones. The first shiver of winters touch travels through"

- Own Words

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