The Reluctant Apprentice

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The sunlight streamed through the windows. Outside, wind blew the cherry trees in a graceful fashion, and the long grasses danced in the breeze. Inside, the teenager looked away from the windows. The lavish walls, blue and decorated in elegant swirls and flower art, felt cold compared to the world outside. Melestheliel held a book in her hand. In the dark oak chair she sat in, she looked down to the book.

Summer in Lindon - Memories of the past

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A summer memory...

Here, where the sea and land meet in Harlindon, Ealendil lingers and gazes west. Memories and a longing of her mother, who sailed west so long ago, come unbidden to her.

Summer in Lindon - Nan aear adh in elin

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

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