The Journey: The Night Has Fallen in Forochel

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And so we moved from the Frozen Lands once again, leaving what was dear both to me and Lothrandir behind. Forochel was the land I still called home. It was deserted like my life and sould after The War of The Ring. The road was long and silent, filled with blizzards and extreme temperatures. On the last night before proceeding into Evendim we sat on a hill, listening to the sound of the wind and watching the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights above us. They spend their time by the campfire, but I didn't join them this time.

What awaits ahead...

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It has been a while since I left the camp and many friends there. But it is not the thing that saddens me the most. I haven't meet the love of my life for a long while now and this is what saddens me the most. Where are you, my love? Have you abandoned me or forgotten about me? No. I am sure you haven't. I think that Aeru knows more than I do, but it's you who should tell me things. I am moving deeper into the wilds now, but still have hope to see you when I will be back. At least the others are alright...

Atharandir, The Wanderer

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Artwork: Drawing

(Many thanks to Faerollas for the drawing. I'd like to thank Katrandil as well for reminding me about the masterpiece.))

Drawing by Faerollas

A meeting of many

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Screenshot: General screen

A most welcome turn of events happened while training Ayiana. Khalis of Rivendell and Atharandir showed up by sheer luck. A nice and interesting meeting it was!

Another night awake

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Aeruthuil lets out a sigh as he looks around. All the men seemed to be long asleep by now, he smiled for a moment before looking down towards Ayla who had been sleeping on his lap. He carefully goes through her hair, playing with it for a while. Her hair had gotten longer, he hadn't noticed before but it was nice. He smiled to himself again as he stares in to the fire. He could not have been more luckier and happier with a woman like her, she means the world to him.

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