Herrig Eagle's Bane

Name Herrig
The lifestyle of a Woodman has lined his eyes with crows-feet and added flecks of grey to his beard, but he is still hearty and hale.
Breeland, formerly the southern eaves of Mirkwood
Outward Appearance

The fierce look of Wilderland is all about Herrig, from his rough dark beard and calloused hands to his simple woolen clothes and gravelly voice, but his mannerisms no longer match this gruff appearance.


Herrig’s hatchet has grown dull and he neither hunts nor eats animals of the wild anymore. His temper has not wholly left him but these days Herrig carries a weight of guilt and thinks long on the many trees he has hewn. 





























King Thrushbeard by DariaAzolina on DeviantArt


Herrig always had a keen ear for birds and he heard the great Eagle before he saw it. His arrow was knocked before it dove and his bowstring drawn as it rushed down at his flock. It was not a storied black arrow, nor mighty elvish bow, Herrig was no hero, just a fletcher guarding a sheep. Yet the shot hit true and the great Eagle fell from the skies. 

Much praise Herrig was sure to have from his fellow Woodmen, but looking down on his fallen foe he felt his pride ebb away. Instead Herrig was left with a feeling he did not understand, of places long gone and forgotten songs of mighty deeds from when the world was younger. 

A feast in his name was laid out in the hall that night, yet when the hour came Herrig Eagle's Bane was not to be found. 

Herrig’s ancestors have lived along the eaves of Mirkwood since it was Greenwood The Great; but his mother was not of their people. She came from the north and of her tale Herrig knows little.
Riddles, though rarely does he understands them.
The flutter of wings seems to startle Herrig and often he will glance to the sky, eyes filled with worry as he pulls his hood down a little lower.
To pay a weregild.
"May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks"

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Herrig's Adventures

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