Name Arrvelas
Traveler (?)
Old (and he will let you know it)
Wherever his cousin or Alphaear go.
Outward Appearance

Arrvelas is what one might think of when they hear the word "Noldor." Tall and strong, with hair as dark as the night. His once grey eyes now hide away behind a strip of cloth dyed black. The cloth covering the cloudy and lost look that his sightless eyes now permanently hold. 


When he wears his hair up or braided, it is hastily and messily done. He is not unkempt, but his buttons might be done one too far down or his robes tied awkwardly.


While the most striking thing about his appearance are the cloth that covers his eyes, he has an intimidating presence. He carries himself with strength, though some might be able to see through his mask and fake intimidation. 


Arrvelas can usually be seen with a smirk on his face, and he would roll his eyes often if he could. One might see him snarling at nothing in particular as he feels his way around his surroundings.He is never seen without the black cloth surrounding his eyes, or his flute.


Banner art: Made by the wonderful and talented Alphaear

Portrait art:


Arrvelas, like his cousin Ithilwe, was born in the later parts of the first age. Another child of Gondolin. He spent his youth with his younger brother playing pranks on unfortunate citizens of the House of the Havenly Arch and teasing their young cousin relentlessly. 

After the Fall of Gondolin, he took his younger brother and cousin to the Havens of Sirion along with many other survivors. Though their life there was short lived. Ithilwe escaped the kinslaying unscathed, being saved by his cousins. Arrvelas lost many things that day, but his last promise to his cousin was that he would follow him, find him. And so sightless he went.

He traveled from the Havens to Lindon. And from there to Eregion, and then to Lorien and many other lands of the elves. Until he eventually made his way to Imladris. He had only one goal in mind. Find Ithilwe. There was no point in anything else. 

Once in the valley, he met an old acquaintance from Eregion, the lady Alphaear. She had offered help in finding his cousin.  And so the two of them journeyed to Bree, where word of a slightly unusual, silver haired elf, was hiding away in an even more unusual tavern. And it came to pass that he and his cousin were finally reunited, after many years of being apart.

Don't congratulate him though. He might just tell you to shut your mouth.

Alphaear is his only true friend. Galtharian calls him friend, but he is truly confused over that title.
Ithilwe, his cousin. And his brother and parents who he hopes wait for him across the sea.
None, but just don't get on his bad side.
His flute (once his brother's.) Silence. Training with his sword. Familiar places. His family. Being read to.
Drunkards and gossiping fools. Fire. Anyone who he thinks poses as a threat. Too much noise. Coddling.
To find and protect his cousin.
Love is blind.

Arrvelas's Adventures

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Arrvelas's Adventures

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Arrvelas's Gallery