Founding date
13 March 2020.
To offer refuge to adventurers and give them a safe haven within Bree.
Main area of operations
Bree, namely the "Hammer and Harp Inn" at 8 Long Street, Highburg, Breeland Homesteads.
Kinship type
None, for now.
None for now, though Dalbran, one of the tavern keeps, often says the tavern is more popular than "The Pony" however this is yet to be determined as true or false.
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)
Dalbran, Cedmon, Ithilwe, Cardanith, Galtharian


Founded by Cedmon Amalanthian and a few of his closest companions, the Windswept are a group operating out of the "Hammer and Harp Inn", with the goals of aiding those in need, offering refuge to the travellers and wanderers of all sorts that come to Bree, and roaming the lands in search of adventure.

In recent times, the Inn has grown a reputation for being a rather quirky place on the edge of town, where strange folk and wandery gather to find shelter.



OOC: Hi there! The Windswept are meant to be a place for people to find RP, hooks, and concepts, and immerse themselves in Tolkien's world. It's open to all races and characters, so if you're just wanting to find good people to RP and share stories with, look no further!

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Aearrien Aearrien of Gondor Man
Amathlan Amathlan Dagnirlhug of Evendim Elf
Amdirlos Amdirlos Idhrandir of Esteldin Man
Arvanneth Arvanneth of Imladris Elf
Cardanith Cardanith Galadnaith, Elf
Cedmon Cedmon Amalanthian Elf
Galtharian Galtharian Crownlight 'Gal' Elf
Hrondis Hrondís of Erebor Dwarf
Ithilwe Ithilwe "Ithil" Piligrin Elf
Lonfrik Lonfrik son of Lóin Dwarf
Mylher Mýlher of Lindon Elf

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