Founding date
13 March 2020.
To offer refuge to adventurers and give them a safe haven within Bree.
Main area of operations
Bree, namely the "Hammer and Harp Inn" at 8 Long Street, Highburg, Breeland Homesteads.
Kinship type
The Gurrnissons, Order of The Seven, The Host Palantine
None for now, though Dalbran, one of the tavern keeps, often says the tavern is more popular than "The Pony" however this is yet to be determined as true or false.
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)
Dalbran, Ithilwe, Cardanith, Galtharian, Alphaear


Windswept is a group composed of hardy adventurers who seek to brave the long Shadow together, swords and shields at the ready to have each others’ back. Originally formed by Cedmon Amalanthian and his closest companions, it is now headed by the elf Galtharian following the death of the former leader.

 “The Hammer and Harp Inn” is a tavern located just a few miles south of the southern Bree gate. Although it acts as the base of operations for the Windswept, it is open to all, with the goal of aiding those in need, and offering a place of rest to the travelers and refugees who find themselves wandering in and out of the Bree-lands. It is known to be a queer place on the edge of town, hosting a number of strange folk -- from the elf and dwarf tavern-keepers, to the strange Man who washes the dishes, and even to the Hobbits who sneak into the kitchen to indulge in a second meal.

Notable members of the current Windswept group include Galtharian, Dalbran, Aearrien and Envandame .

OOC Notes:

Hello! Although Windswept operates as an in-character group, one does not have to join them ICly to be a part of the kin and join us on adventures! It is a place for people to find RP hooks, content, GM’d plots, and immerse themselves in Tolkien’s world. We are open to all races, characters, and RP styles - so if you’re wanting to find good people to RP and share stories with, look no further!

If you are interested in joining, please IM one of our recruiting officers either in-game or on LA.


Adiwen Lady Adiwen of Rohan Man
Aearrien Aearrien of Gondor Man
Alralas Alralas Khasod Man
Amarthniel Amarthniel Ídhrambar Elf
Arrvelas Arrvelas Elf
Arvanneth Arvanneth of Imladris Elf
Braigaer Braigaer Elf
Brannuild Brannuild Hestross Man
Calaedor Calaedor Amalanthian, (Mr Lighthouse) Elf
Cardanith Cardanith Galadnaith Elf
Cedmon Cedmon Amalanthian Elf
Djeru Twelfthscale Djeru Man
Donorrin Donorrin, Son of Gurni Ironhelm Dwarf
Elladoraa Elladoraa Man
Enniliel Enniliel Man
Envandame Envandamë Elf
Farlrik Farlrik Dwarf
Finnvi Finnvi Man
Galtharian Galtharian Crownlight 'Gal' Elf
Ganiago Ganiago Puddifoot Hobbit


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