Ithilwe "Ithil" Laurelindion

Name Ithilwe
Bowyer, Emissary of the Elves, Protector of Middle Earth
Born in the later parts of the first age.
Outward Appearance

Features: Ithilwe stands tall as a young tree, though he is often thought of as on the short side for his race. Both of his parents were well over 6 feet tall, so no one is quite sure why he ended up being quite a few inches shorter. Ithilwe is lithe and lightly muscled, especially in his arms due to his use of the bow and his knives. 


He is gifted with long, shining silver hair that seems to glow like the light of the moon, for which he was named. He usually wears it down, though he does have a few tiny braids pulled back to the sides of his head. In these braids, he weaves gold and bronze strands of ribbon, just like another elf of ages past.


Ithilwe has pale skin that will blush with a dark pink if he is embarrased. His skin is smooth and has no visible scars, due to his heritage. He has large, round, grey eyes which often betray his emotion, and a small sharp nose. His face is heart shaped, but still angular, as if it was carved from stone.



Garments: When hunting, or in battle, Ithilwe wears a set of light armor, gifted to him by a friend. He has a breastplate of golden bronze plates and wrist guards of bronze and silver. His leggings are black as well as his tall leather boots. On his back he wears a silver, beautifully designed quiver full of the arrows he makes himself.


His bow changes constantly, as he improves his craft and profession. His current bow is a stout , carved yew bow. Ithilwe wears a beautiful silver ring on his hand, given to him by his lover many millennia ago. The last thing you can see on Ithilwe, is his golden circlet given to him by his parents as a coming of age present in Gondolin.


Ithilwe does not like to wear his armor often, but prefers to wear tunics and light robes of blue and silver. He has a love for silver jewelry and is often seen with tiny silver chains, hanging from his ears and also wears silver cuffs, designed with small birds and the moon, a representation of the love he had many years before.


Other Things to Note:

Languages: Exilic Quenya (Fluent), Doriathrin and Noldorin Sindarin (Fluent), Westron (Conversational), Khuzdul (Conversational), Black Speech (Fairly profficient in reading)

Skills: Archery (he has spent most of his life training as an archer in both Gil-Galad's and then Elrond's armies.) Languages (He reads many books and tries to learn as many languages and dialects as he can, so that he may have civil conversations with peoples all over middle earth.) Bowyer (he has recently picked up bow making to provide the free peoples of middle earth with quality weapons to fight off evil.)

Traits/Qualities: Ithilwe is shy and a bit quiet, and is hard pressed to initiate a conversation, but once you get to know him, he is kind and always willing to lend a helping hand. His eyes always betray his emotions, no matter how hard he tries to keep up walls. Ithilwe is seemingly innocent and naive, but he knows the horrors of the world just like anyone else who lived through the first age of the sun. 




Ithilwe was born in Gondolin not too long before its demise. He was born to 2 archers of the House of the Heavenly Arch, led by the Lord Egalmoth. His mother was a Sindar elf who hailed from Doriath. His father, a Noldor of old, one who endured the crossing of the Helcaraxe.

When he was young, Ithilwe was only interested in reading and books. He did not have many friends, as he was extremely shy and quiet. It seemed he would become a scholar and advisor in the court of King Turgon, instead of the warrior archer his father desired him to be. 

Barely out of his majority, he fell in love with a member of the House of the Golden Flower. The two were to be wed in the spring of F.A. 511, but then Gondolin was attacked. As he was no warrior, his parents and Lord Egalmoth begged Ithilwe to leave through Idril's secret tunnel. He never saw his parents or his lover again. In the tunnels, he was given word of his all three’s demise.

Young and with nowhere to go, Ithilwe made the journey to Lindon, where the new High King Gil-Galad ruled. There, he used his anger and resentment of what evil had done to his beloved home and trained to become one of the most fearful archers in High King Gil-Galad's army. He made acquaintance with Elrond, Gil-Galad's herald, and many others who he would one day fight alongside. 

When Lord Elrond founded the realm and refuge of Imladris, Ithilwe followed him to reside there and became a captain under his rule. When evil returned and elves were called to arms, Ithilwe proudly marched alongside his lords and friends, though he was grievously hurt by a morgul blade wielded by the Witch King. 

Ithilwe currently resides in Imladris once again, though he is prone to wandering the lands and protecting the peoples of Middle Earth. At the moment, he is on important business in Bree, camping out near the South Gate, though he will be making the return trip to Imladris shortly. He is still intent on avenging his family and friends, though Gondolin was ruined long ago.


Very few who tarry on these shores.
None remain on this side of the sea.
Good food, Reading in the Imladris library, All races of the free people, Lavender tea
Orcs, goblins, evil men and such
Ridding Middle Earth of evil so that one day he can see his family, friends, and lover again in Valinor
The night may be dark and full of terror, but the light of the moon always shines through to bring calm to the world.

Ithilwe's Adventures

Ithilwe's Adventures

Ithilwe's Gallery

Ithilwe's Gallery