Arvanneth of Imladris

Name Arvanneth
Scholar; Herbalist; Cartographer; Naturalist.
Born in the First Age.
Imladris, yet she does have a tendency to wander every now and then.
Outward Appearance

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Other Distinctive Characteristics

Known Languages | Work in Progress.


Her Loves Continued | Any sort of scripture that she may read in the Library of Imladris; she also enjoys being able to live off the land as much as she is possibly able to;  the beauty of music; and she quite openly enjoys company with those that are in favour of pragmatic and practical thinking.

Her Hates Continued | She does not favour, or appreciate, situations that can make herself or anyone else uncomfortable; although she can enjoy wine, it is only in small quantities, and so she is not one to sustain those that become dependant on the substance; and hate may be strong word, yet she extremely dislikes, certain kinds of flavourings to food.

More Notable Quotes | Work in Progress.

If Arvanneth is an elf that your character may be interested in meeting, or your character find themselves in Imladris, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Here on LA, or in game, will be the best ways to reach me.

Over the years, she has accumulated quite a list of acquaintances, some of whom she can admit that she sees as a friend. However, these are few and far between, simply due to own shy and inclusive personality.
None that she has seen in quite some time.
Personally, she would not declare to have any enemies, or rivals, of her own. However, she does not take kindly to those that may threaten the lives of her people.
The distinct feeling of euphoria when she has helped one in need, in whichever way she is able; her studies are also extremely important, as she always hopes to expand her knowledge of herbal treatments; roaming the lands and; any sort of tea.
The feeling of loneliness is something that she has come to battle with for most of her existence; any who threaten the lives of those in Middle Earth, especially the communities of Elves; meat of any kind; the inability to help in some situations.
She acknowledges the knowledge that she has obtained over the course of her life, and so she desires to ensure she helps as much as she is able to as she still breathes.
''Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.''

Arvanneth's Adventures

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Arvanneth's Adventures

Arvanneth's Gallery

Arvanneth's Gallery