Name Envandame
Jewel-smith, warrior when necessary
Older than the sun and moon
Imladris, currently resident jewel-smith at Maerdon
F.A. The House of the Fountain; S.A. Gwaith-i-Mirdain; T.A. none; friends with the Windswept
Outward Appearance

At first observation, she appears young, as all Eldar do, with little indication of her age, yet those who look closer or know her well may see the weight of long years in her sea-grey eyes, and the deep light of Elder days shining behind them, not yet faded. Her hair is long, a rich auburn, falling about her shoulders and held back from her face in small braids plaited with silver and adamant.

She often sits still and can remain unmoving for long periods when not engaged in activity. When she does speak, her voice is melodic with a low timbre, often quiet, though it can rise to a powerful roar when she is angered. Her manner is quiet and graceful, with occasional flashes of mirth. She laughs easily in the presence of friends, yet alone is often silent with a far-off gaze.

Her apparel is elegant, and when in peaceful times she is often garbed in elegant dresses intricately woven with threads of precious metals. In times of battle, the armor she bears is of silver and white, and she carries an elegant and finely crafted shield. On rare and formal occasions, she may be seen in the uniform of the House of the Fountain, finery that has been preserved with much loving care through the ages.


Envandame appears quiet and reserved, even distant, to those she does not know, and if there are both strangers and friends in a social setting she will speak only to those she is familiar with unless her interest is caught by another. She does not seek out settings in which many strangers are present, and when in such a setting she will often dismiss or passively ignore those of the race of Men, though she will acknowledge others of the Elves with at least a nod of respect. Of Men, she is somewhat more readily willing to engage with those of the Dunedain, given their history with the Elves. Dwarves she is friendly to if they approach her but she will not necessarily approach them first. 

Those close to her know her to laugh readily and be ready with a word of encouragement when needed. She is often quiet even in company, but will speak at length of pleasant memories if asked, especially of the beauty of places she once lived and loved. She has strong opinions and though not quick to anger, those who incur her wrath will not soon forget it, nor will she. 

She has great appreciation and respect for the passion for the creation of fine things, and is always ready to gain new knowledge either of craft or history. 


Envandame fluently speaks Noldorin Quenya and Sindarin. She has learned Westeron from books, and can speak it well but may pronounce words with a strange inflection at times if she has not heard them aloud before.


She would be known to those who followed Fingolfin and those of the House of the Fountain. Others from Gondolin might know her as well. To the Gwaith-i-Mirdain she would be most likely to be familiar, at least to sight, though she was not close to many in that time. Those who frequent the forges of Imladris in recent days may have a passing recognition of her though they would not know her well.



Amilessë Apacenyë

Mother-name of insight and future prediction, given after her father-name. This is the name she is known by.

Q. Envandame (S. Engwaedhiel)

“Of the oath” from vanda/gwaedh, “oath, solemn pledge”


Envandame, daughter of Arimeldië (mother) was born in Valinor, the Blessed Realm, in Y.T. 1197, and her brother Tarannon was born in Y.T. 1311. Her family dwelt in Tirion, where she was a craftsman and her brother a hunter. Young and dreaming of wide lands, and inflamed by the evils of Morgoth in the Darkening of the Trees, she with her brother followed the Noldorin host under Fingolfin’s leadership. Disowned by their father for pursuing this journey, they continued on even to the Helcaraxe’s icy wastes after the treachery of Feanor and the burning of the ships. Tarannon was lost in the crossing, a grief that follows Envandame even still.

In the founding of Gondolin and its construction, she found a new home, and dwelt there long as a member of the House of the Fountain under the lordship of Ecthelion, crafting weaponry and jewels with skill. At the fall of the City, she followed her kin to the Havens of Sirion and fought also in the War of Wrath, though she found no joy in the fighting. Refusing to return to Valinor even after the pardon of the Valar, she took up her dwelling first in Lindon and then in Ost-in-Edhil. Having forsworn the making of weapons of war, she spent many years of peace and joy among the Gwaith-i-Mirdain.

When the Shadow rose again and Eregion fell to that evil and was lain waste, she fled with her kin to Imladris and took arms again in the Last Alliance. Those friends that remained dear to her at this time were lost in this battle. After this, she fell into a deep depression, whence she spent many years with no sense of time or seasons, wandering the woods of Imladris and even throughout Eriador alone, staying to the forests and fens and shunning all other living beings but animals, yet still refusing to leave the shores of Middle Earth.

She is recently returned to the company of others, finding joy again in the crafting of jewels, and is the resident jeweler at the Foundry Maerdon in Imladris, established by the Lady Celossiel. She has sworn to remain in Middle Earth until the fall of the Shadow.


When she is not in the Foundry, she can be found in the Forges of Imladris or surrounding woods, and if travelling, may be seen on occasion at the Harp and Hammer inn near Bree.

None living on the shores of Middle Earth
The woods, the stars, the sound of running water. Beauty both in nature and skilled craftsmanship of all kinds. The making of things of beauty, especially in the use of silver and adamant.
The Enemy and his servants, for taking beauty and friends and homes from her over and again. Feanor and those who followed him for their treachery. The cold and any place icy. Destruction of beauty and loss of history and knowledge.
To see the Shadow of the Enemy defeated and to protect those she cares about so that she may one day return to Valinor without shame.
“Even in the most fleeting moments and the darkest pain, there is hope. We have each other, and our friends, and even the fading of time cannot dull the beauty of memories nor the joy of those we love, and sorrows do not make the good any less.”

Envandame's Adventures

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Envandame's Adventures

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Envandame's Gallery