Seregrían "Blood-queen"

Name Seregrian
Lore-mistress; Lady of Bar-en-Acharn; Mother
Torech Besruth in Falathlorn
Outward Appearance

       An Elf of Noldorin heritage, tall and slender of frame; usually slight and thin, her recent journeys and travels have given her more muscle and tone, more strength and curves.  Her hair is black, her skin pale, her eyes the Noldorin grey at first, but now blazing silver from the effects of powers no Elf was ever meant to wield.

Portrait by the incomparable Sairona


When Seregrían was but a child, her parents undertook the journey from the Vales of Anduin into Beleriand.  Her father joined with the host of the Noldor in battle, but he never returned. Her mother, overcome with grief and despair, cast herself into the sea as Seregrían watched in horror. 

Seregrían began a quest to learn all that was learnable of the Enemy.  She also desired greatly to learn of the lore of Men, the After-comers who had allied themselves so closely with the Dark Lord.  As her studies progressed, her hate began to boil, chiefly at the mortal races who in her mind were as insects alongside the Elves; weeds to be plucked and burned or leaves that fall and are put to the torch. Her arts turned from healing and making, to fire and death; not wisdom to be shared, but punishment to be meted out according to her measure.

But now, ages later, the horrible truth of her mother's death may have been exposed; the virtues of the mortal races made plain to her; and in the course of one day, nothing for Seregrían shall ever be the same...

To see her origins, read "Long Live the Queen..."

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Seregrían's Main Story:  Narn i Seregrian

Seregrían's Love:  Mortals:  A Case Study

Seregrían's Diary:  Lidh i Ellethruth

DISCUSSION/DISCLAIMER:  Seregrían's main story, "Narn i Seregrían", occurs in what may be termed an 'alternate timeline':  it is set in the LOTRO milieu, and sets the tone for her personality and motivations.  What has happened with interactions with the Laurelin RP community is a wonderful and vibrant storyline, and a delight to write and to read - and filled with the promise of continuing long after the primary tale has wound to its conclusion.

All the members of her House; House of Three Graces; House of the Woodland Maiden;
Her Oath-sister, Hartagil; her husband, Cutch; her daughter, Bainiel; her son, Ardanion
Anything and anyone who stands between her and her goal
The Shadow; A disorderly library; Anyone who belittles her Household
Searching for the truth about her family
“My power is in my staff - without its glamour, I am but a librarian...” "A bitter child for six thousand summers - a bride for a day - a wife for always."

Seregrian's Adventures

Seregrian's Adventures

Seregrian's Gallery

Seregrian's Gallery