Artallas Silentir, Arrow-Breaker

Name Artallas
Outward Appearance


Artallas is a High Elf of Nargothrond. During his time there he enjoyed spending time in the forested hills of Taur-en-Faroth, the place he now misses the most of his beloved lost home. He is the older brother of Airendis, a High Elf captain of Beleriand. 

Appearance wise, he’s tall, fair skinned, with pale, blue eyes - almost grey - and dark hair. 

He has a calm demeanor that makes him look cold and detached. He loves feeling at peace and he enjoys attention, especially from the people he loves, but doesn't like the spotlight. Despite his calm, when he was a child, Artallas cut his own hair with a knife because it got in his eyes.

He is rather opinionated about everything, yet he keeps an open mind as he had had enough time to understand both himself and the world around him. He knows his flaws just as he knows his virtues, yet he believes that his general outlook on things makes him quite boring and not the best conversational partner.

He is cunning, pays attention to small details in someone’s behaviour, just as he pays attention to the changes in the wind or the behaviour of the beasts. He likes the world to be simple and believes most problems can be solved by listening before striking. Artallas’ greatest fear is nothingness.

Artallas rarely takes things personally, he attaches to people and things very hard, but once that step was taken, there is no turning back for him. He has a strange sense of humour for a high elf, and gets rather flirty if encouraged or comfortable with his company. 

He is loyal, sticks to his promises, but he’s also impulsive, and bothered by everything he does not understand about himself or the world around him and he will try to ‘solve the mystery’. He loves to laugh, loves to hear and see people happy, and finds joy in the smallest of things. 

Fiancé: Evenya; sister: Airendis; Mother-in-law: Deldhinel
The Great Eye
His fiancé Evenya, simple things, spending time alone, the forests of Taur-en-Faroth, to laugh, feeling alive and at peace
Nothingness, misery, the pain that comes with loss, feeling guilty
The second chance he had been given
Deeds will not be less valiant because they are unpraised.

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