Il clan dell'orso

Founding date
To find allies of any kind that would fight evil of any kind... also slay goblins! A lot of Goblins!
Main area of operations
Kinship type
Sauron and his minions
Kinship status
Active (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


When Robertoc, a hobbit of  Southfarthing, learned that one could not save the world by yourself, he began to look far and wide for people like him, people ready to fight the evil bigger or lesser. Soon enough he found more than that, he found a family, a clan that does not sit idly waiting for the inevitable to happen.

But a clan needs a name, a symbol of an idea to follow, to lead, so Robertoc, thought; what's strong, vigorous and frightening?. What's idle, plump, yet tender? A dragon? A pack of wolves?

No, the first could only be legends of the Dwarves, and the wolves are friends of the Goblins! But… a bear! Yes, a bear! So he honoured this proud beast and made it the symbol of the new alliance! Innocently powerful and deadly… and also greedy! The Clan of the Bear!


Airendis Airendis Mythal, Bearer of Hope Elf
Artallas Artallas Silentir, Arrow-Breaker Elf
Calaeth Calaeth Gamordan, Shield Master Man
Farildal Farildal Vinsomer, Hot Shot Man
Mairea Mairëa Lusacan, Ward of Strength Man
Robertoc Robertoc Soffiatromba, The Flighty Hobbit
Robgarth Robgarth, Hunter of Dark Beasts Man
Robrosh Robrosh, Skin-changer Man

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