Aydithil, A Light in the Darkness

Name Aydithil
Haven of the Wings
Outward Appearance

Aydithil is an Elf of noble origins, with a proud and elegant bearing,
cheerful and optimistic mood.

The music and poetry that he studied with passion in the years spent at the Elrond's Court, taught him to love the beauty existing in all creatures, compassion for those who are less fortunate and the courage, learned from the heroes whose adventures he sings in his poems.

His relationship with Avorthal taught him the meaning of sincere and unconditional friendship.

His numerous travels have taught him to understand the customs and ways of Men, Dwarves and Hobbits and he is respected by those who have known him.
Like all races of the Free People, he is an enemy of the Orcs and of any other dark creature that populates Middle-earth.


That morning Aydithil was happy. He would finally be able to visit his friend Avorthal, in the town of Celondim, the beating heart of the Eldars in Ered Luin. Indeed, Avorthal was like a brother to him, since they had grown up together in Celondim.

Then, when Aydithil had just come of age, he and his father had moved to Rivendell, to serve at Lord Elrond's Court.

Aydithil had suffered greatly from the lack of his friend ... however during the years spent in Rivendell, he had cultivated his love for poetry, music and the healing arts and in a short time he had become one of the most famous healers at court, becoming one of the Lord Elrond's most respected advisor.

Taking advantage of an unexpected trip by his Lord, Aydithil had been able to go a few days to Celondim, to visit his childhood friend, as he did every year.

But his joy did not last long. Arriving in Celondim, Aydithil barely had time to say goodbye to Avorthal's father, Cardavor, who explained to him that his son had gone to Duillon a few weeks earlier and should have returned two days ago ... but he had not yet returned. It was not characteristic of Avorthal to be late and not to let her father get his news.

Aydithil immediately felt a strange sensation and his refined Elf senses told him that Avorthal was in danger and that it would be up to him to bring him home.

Aydithil could not have imagined that from that day he would have played a fundamental role in future events throughout Middle-earth ...

Music, Poetry, Nature
Orcs, Creatures of Darkness
To discover Avorthal's fate
Time is precious. Don't waste it living someone else's life.

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