Nethillon Thanduil, son of Naerhad

Name Nethillon
Citadel Guard of Minas Tirith
Minas Tirith, Family House.
Outward Appearance

Tall man with medium pitch black and straight hair, of pale skin. Big round eyes, dark grey, are crowned with long eyelashes. Small nose, sets upon his young lips with a permanent light smile, but he is still a kind person. With all that happened to him through his life he gained experience that gives him more serious and mature tone of man in his best years. Strong, wide shouldered with muscular arms and legs  represents typical warrior.


He is proficient with Great Axes, Greatswords and Greatclubs. Her favored weapon is his greatsword made of steel, heavy on his hand and with his family emblem. He is an excellent fighter, using his force and skills to break weaker iron armor or chain mail.
In close combat he uses his Greatsword. He also enjoys fighting with halberds, swords and shields.


Armour and appearance:

He can be seen mainly wearing the Citadel Guard regular armour unless he needs to wear something different. Then his clothes can be changing from regular army uniform to civillian clothes.  

If he travells through Belfalas or visits Dol Amroth as a civillian he is no longer known under his real name or no longer identified as an Citadel Guard, nor amy captain. He is mainly seen clad in grey, worn clothes with a mask on his face. No bearing any signs of being a gondorian. He travels under the name Mithalion (The Grey Hero)

- Horses:
He uses Gondorian regular steeds unless commanded to use other ones.

- Men:

Nethillon remains accompanied by many men that he meets during his tasks. No one in particular seems to be staying with him for longer than necessary.


Nethillon has been raised to be a soldier since early childhood. Like his father, he believes every man has a destiny, and to fight is his. He hails from a wealthy Captain and Scholar family but he also considered his comerades his family. After years of service as a Citadel Guard with permission of the Steward he left The White City and went to serve his kingdom in Fifth Gondorian Battalion, a group of Soldiers who were sent north to hold off the shadows and prevent Eriador from being overrun. Nethillon is a bitter and hard man who has seen too much war and death in his life, despite his young age.

Thanduil Family

(From the left: Iarvenil, Iarnuil, Gwathrian, Naerhad, Araithil, Nethillon)

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Best Friend: Valanduir but above him he trusts Nyraewyn. When it comes to other friends he would trust Maxem
Father - Naerhad, Mother - Gwathrian, Brothers - Araithil, Iarnuil and Iarvenil
His wife above all, Gondor and the nature
All that endanger Gondor and the White City or his brethren
To Hold Gondor as long as he can.

Nethillon's Adventures

Nethillon's Adventures

Nethillon's Gallery

Nethillon's Gallery