0.5 Prologue: The White Warden

A word about Gwathrian going missing reached soon the Bay of Belfalas as well. Even if House Thanduil was known around that part of Gondor because of Nethillon's Task no one in particular seemed to be interested in helping out. No one but one person. He was one of the youngest and wisest people around but no one knew where he came from or who he truly was. All they knew about him was his name: Belvagor Barathon. He was mainly seen as a white hooded figure sitting in the corner of Dol Amroth library. He was rarely speaking with anyone and kept spending his whole time on his scripts and books of old. People kept saying that he isn't a man. They kept mistaking him for an elf because he wasn't like any person living in that part of Gondor. Unlike others, he had a pale skin almost as white as sheet. His hair was well-kept but also long and purely white. Belvagor's eyes were bright blue, like ice waters of Forochel. His face was young and never showing any of his feelings or emotions. No one could say if he had any sympathy for anyone. Anyway, he seemed to be a good friend to the House Elendir of Dol Amroth and its head - Forchuil Elendir. That's how he knew about incoming birthday party for Forchuil. Belvagor left the Dol Amroth in search for a good gift for his close friend a couple of days before his party.