Naerhad Thanduil, son of Indilzar

Name Naerhad
Retired Captain of Gondor
Minas Tirith, Family House.
Outward Appearance


Tall man (6'2 height) with medium grey and messy hair, of pale skin. Big round eyes, icy blue, are crowned with long eyelashes. Small nose, sets upon his lips with no expression, but he is an honourable and kind person. With all that happened to him through his life he gained experience that gives him more serious and mature tone of a man at his age. Strong, wide shouldered with muscular arms and legs  represents typical warrior. Naerhad remains kind and polite for people. He roams the lands of Gondor teaching the next generations of soldiers while if called - he won't refuse to fight once again For Gondor.


He is proficient with many different kinds of weapons. His favored weapon is a Greatsword made of steel, heavy on his hand and with the insignia of his family. He is an excellent fighter, using his force and skills to break weaker iron armor or chain mail.
In close combat he leads the forces to whatever may come - but he would rather die alone than allow any of his brothers-in-arms and allies to die. 

Armour and appearance:

If visiting towns he can be seen around wearing regular Gondorian Captain's armour.
Same goes for the winter.

- Horses:

He uses his own loyal steed that he uses both in combat and to travel

- Other:

Naerhad might be using a message hawk or owl when he needs to. 



Naerhad Thanduil was born long after the fall of the Northern Kingdoms. On 7th day of the Afteryule on the year 2946 of The Third Age as a descendant of the Legendary bloodline of Numenor. Others of his kind were already scattered around the lands of Eriador and that of Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith. There, in the Tier of Noblemen in Minas Tirith the story of Thanduils begins. There in a military family house lived the family of soldiers. It was also where a woman of Gondor and Indilzar Thanduil, the Captain of Gondor decided to marry each other. Not long after the decission they approached the Steward to fullfill their marriage, settle in and give birth to their son Naerhad. His mother died giving birth so Indilzar had to raise his son alone. He was waiting for the right moment to teach the swordplay to his son, keeping him safe from any harm that may come. From his early years Araithil was trained and learned how to fight with various weapons. He mastered using of the greatsword. The years passed and Naerhad was a proud warrior of Osgiliath as his father wanted him to be, not long after creating his own family as he married Gwathrian and she gave him two sons - Araithil and Nethillon. They lived happily ever after until the time when Naerhad was moved to Osgiliath as a soldier of 1st Osgiliath Battalion that stationed in Osgiliath and was meant to hold it against the enemy at any cost. He spent most of his life serving Gondor and becoming one of Captains of his force and seeing deaths of many soldiers that served with him - some of them being his close friends. After his deployment was done Naerhad has retired and now spents most of his time teaching and training the new generations of soldiers.

Thanduil Family: 

Mother: Unknown (deceased), Father: Indilzar (deceased), Wife: Gwathrian, Sons: Araithil and Nethillon
Gondor, his kindred and nature
All that endanger Gondor and the White City or his brethren
Better world

Naerhad's Adventures

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Naerhad's Adventures

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Naerhad's Gallery