Sigebyrht "Ale-bearded"

Name Sigebyrht
Now Bree
Outward Appearance

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Sigebyrht’s brows are not too thick nor skinny. He carries no scars, nor a visible effect of an illness. His face is soft. He has green eyes. Sigebyrht has combed back hair, the color of which is dirty blonde. You could tell he makes sure that it doesn't have dirt or anything like that in it, if one examined it. He has a beard.
Sigebyrht stands at 6’1. His weight is balanced, neither fat nor skinny. His build is athletic. Seldom does he seem tense, or uncomfortable. His stance is relaxed.
 He wears a wool, green, shirt, wool pants, boots, and such. Common wear one would use on the daily. When he goes into battle, he carries a wooden shield covered with leather. The shield would be painted with a image of a yellow sun. His armor would be leather, helmet, chestplate, boots and all.


Sigebyrht was born on a farm not far from Edoras. He was taught to be loyal, kind, honest. Seldom did he complain when he had to help his parents with something, or do a chore of his own. He often wandered around his parents’ land, lying in the long grass looking up at the sky, alongside his sister. His brother, Sigehelm, was jealous of how his brother would be the favourite among the three. He often tried to lie and convince his parents that Sigebyrht had done something wrong, however they all failed, thus gaining more dislike. Leofwynn, his mother, taught him how to clean his wounds, repair his clothing if he could. His father, Sigered, taught him how to tend crops, plant seeds, identify herbs and such. While his uncle taught him how to use a halberd, hold a shield, and mounted combat. After a battle in the Eastfold, which gained Sigebyrht much favor among his fellow warriors, his brother conspired to frame him for murder, as in his mind, he thought that he would be forgotten. After they returned to Aldburg, Sigebyrht and Sigehelm went to the tavern, soon after some mugs of ale, Sigebyrht had gotten into a brawl with a stranger. He swung several times, got hit several times, but won in the end. After that, he went to sleep. Sigehelm had decided to poison the man Sigebyrht brawled with, then framed him for manslaughter. Sigebyrht was exiled, his family shamed. Presently, he would be found just arriving in Bree.


None he remembers so far
Sigered, his father, Leofwynn, his mother, Sigehelm, his brother, Burgwyn, his sister, and his uncle, Ecgbald.
His Brother. Anyone who threatens him and his family, or Rohan.
Rohan, his family(excluding his brother), Felabald, his horse, spear and shield. Fighting for his homeland even though he is exiled. Ale.
Bree-town, Arragont fools, cowardly folk, His brother, Dunlendings, Orcs, Wargs, Uruk-hai, descruction of nature, Exilement.
To someday come back to his homeland, prove his innocence, put his brother in justice's eye, and always fight for his homeland.
"Exile, outcast, outlaw, one of the same. What am I? all of them."

Sigebyrht's Adventures

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Sigebyrht's Adventures

Sigebyrht's Gallery

Sigebyrht's Gallery